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Tarotscopes | September 2021

August 31, 2021

TAROTSCOPES | September 2021

By Justin Taylor

Happy September everyone! The cosmos this month are a little more relaxed compared to the fire heavy energies of the last. An important astrological transit to note is actually occurring on Thursday, September 2 which will be Mars in Vigo opposite Neptune in Pisces. This transit can make for both good and bad, depending on how it is interacted with. With these two planets opposed it is a great time to start any sort of new routine or creative endeavor, however, make sure the goals you set are not just illusionary. There may be times where anger and frustration seem to be prevalent over trivial matters that may not always be as serious as they appear. Whenever Neptune is at play so are its powers of delusion and psychic warfare. Think hard before you react.

Another transit that might take ahold of the collective is Venus in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Starting on September 5th, the energetics of this could mean drastic or seemingly manipulative tactics taking place within our close relationships. Ultimatums or jealousy can arise with this type of astrological transit, so make sure to put love first, not domination. Lastly, a celestial event to look forward to is the Virgo new moon taking place on Monday, September 6th. This new moon in Virgo makes for a great time to launch any plans that require detail, and accountability. If you are interested in starting a new workout or health regimen this lunation would be ideal. Virgo energy loves detail and routine so embrace them for your benefit.

The card for the collective this month is the Two of Pentacles! Perfect for this earthly Virgo season, the Two of Pentacles is all about management of resources. This month there may be a theme of balancing your priorities. Flexibility and adapting to change may also be a major factor. Time management, work/life balance, and other external factors may seem to be more important than usual. Make sure to carve space out to meet all of your commitments.



Aries – The Fool

Openness, new beginnings, quantum leaps. These are the themes for you this month Aries. Whatever it is you decide to dive into this month, go for it. The Fool shows up whenever it is time to start again. Trust this process, and don’t let fear hold you back. If you have been feeling stuck, or in need of change take this card as your sign to act. Trust your heart and above all, trust yourself to not worry about the details.

Taurus – Judgement

Things might get a little philosophical in nature for you this month Taurus. When Judgment appears it is a sign that evaluation and reflection are needed on all levels. Despite the name “judgement” this card is more of a reminder to drop your worldly view and simply take time to evaluate all things. Accept that you may not know what you think you do and mediate on all of the possibilities. Situations may arise where further thinking is called for.

Gemini – Ten of Cups

How peaceful of a month September seems to be for you Gemini. The Ten of Cups is a card of abundance and positivity. The word commonly associated with this card is “satiety”. Meaning what does life look like when all your needs are satisfied? Of course life will always have it’s travails, but there will be many moments this month where you remember all is well. Things are always working for your highest good. Relax.

Cancer – Four of Swords

Rest, centering, and finding inner clarity. This is your mission this month Cancer. The Four of Swords speaks to inner clarity and spiritual cleansing. Accept things as they are imperfect or otherwise and find a way to not take it on. In no way is this a message to not advocate for yourself or just sit in unpleasant situations. This is just a reminder that if costs you your peace, then it simply isn’t worth it.

Leo – Eight of Wands

Things are coming in hot this month for you Leo. Speed will be your ally. The Eight of Wands is the express shipping of the tarot. You may find yourself wanting for something and by seemingly divine intervention it will manifest. With this energetic presence at your side know there will be swiftness in all forms. Also take note of any previous misunderstandings or concerns working themselves out.

Virgo – Strength

Happy solar return Virgo! Your card for this month is the card Strength. Compassion, inner strength and will power are at your finger tips. You have been called to embody these themes this September. You may be faced with situations where these powers will be necessary. If any difficulties arise, remember you have the ability to overcome them with deep compassion for yourself and others.

Libra – Three of Cups

The card of celebration and the exchange of overflowing love. This month Libra you have been called to participate in sharing all the love you have. Grab your closest loved ones and rejoice with them. If there’s any friends or family that you haven’t seen in a while, reach out. The capacity to feel all the love around you is at its peak, enjoy it.

Scorpio – The Hermit

For the month of September solitude might be needed Scorpio. The Hermit card is here to remind you that it is ok to spend some much needed alone time. Meditate at this time to regroup and set yourself on the right track. The Hermit holds a lantern which symbolizes your ability at this time to be your own light. If there’s uncertainty in your life, know that your inner voice will guide you. Trust it.

Sagittarius – Five of Swords

The Five of Swords is a heavy card, but an important one. Sagittarius this is a sign that any fear that exists in your mind is ready to be faced and then let go. What is it that you are afraid of? How is a fear holding you back? This month face your fears head on and transmute them. Set yourself free.

Capricorn – The Sun

One of the most positive cards in the tarot, the Sun, is shinning on you this month Capricorn. The fulfillment of your wishes is possible here and now. Take inventory of all the positives in your life at this moment and celebrate them. Gratitude creates more abundance. This is an energy of creativity as well, sit back and let your mind open. Have harmony with all you have.

Aquarius – Three of Wands

This September step into your confidence Aquarius. The Three of Wands is a signifier of boundless confidence and expression. If there are any doubts within your mind let them go. Drop the story of playing it safe or small. Know you are worthy and simply go for it.

Pisces – Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands is tricky one for you this month Pisces. The energy present is one of sticking up yourself and your values, but also a card of victory. With discretion evaluate any current situations where you may have backed away a little too early. If possible, go back and re-set any boundaries you feel have been crossed. Clear up any misunderstandings and know that virtue is on your side.