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Tarotscopes | October 2021

October 1, 2021

TAROTSCOPES | October 2021

By Justin Taylor

Happy October everyone! Fall is upon us, and it is definitely the most mystical month of the year. To be succinct, the cosmos are challenging us by illuminating our interpersonal relationships this October, but there are many beneficial aspects as well. I am sure most are aware that we are starting the month off with Mercury retrograde in the sign of Libra. Retrogrades can be very irksome, but it is only a reminder to re-do something, and to move at a more glacial pace. In the sign of Libra it is safe to say relationship issues may arise with this transit.
To add insult to injury, we also start October off with Venus in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn. In essence, this transit will bring awareness around the power dynamics and even some manipulative tendencies we engage in with those who we are closest to. Be direct with how you feel and leave nothing to interpretation.
Another note worthy transit is on October 5th to the 10th with Mars in Libra conjunct the sun. Mars is the planet of action and assertion. In the sign of Libra it is in detriment here, making actionable steps much harder to take. Feelings of confusion might be higher than usual for the collective.
On the 20th we have a full moon in Aries. Full moons symbolically represent release and letting go. This one seems to have a particular air of leaving things unfinished. With Mars being in detriment, it is as if things could have ended better if we would have taken action and been direct with what we wanted.

The card for the collective this month is the King of Pentacles! Very abundant and prosperous the King is here to tell us we will be successful. In the suit of Pentacles this card is speaking to an abundance of all worldly successes. If you have a financial or business goal in mind, this October may be the time you reach your desired outcome. Roll up your sleeves and focus on getting the work done. Enjoy the reward.



Aries – Temperance

This month is all about balance for you Aries. Temperance is here to remind you not to rush it. This message could not be more true for October, especially with mercury in retrograde. Move slow, listen before you speak and trust things to come in their own time. Sometimes the best things are worth waiting for.

Taurus – Death

Don’t fear the reaper, or in this case the Death card. Taurus, the Death card is all about transformation. What is there you need to leave behind? Whatever situation, relationship or pattern you are ready to part with will leave you now. Embrace it. Growth can be uncomfortable but it is necessary.

Gemini – The Hierophant

October might ask you to reevaluate your core beliefs Gemini. The Hierophant speaks to developing our own rules and self government. Creating a new routine might be rewarding for you at this time. Evaluate areas of your life where you can be grounded and honor your spirit.

Cancer – Six of Wands

What a positive omen for you this month Cancer. The Six of Wands is the card of victory and success. Whatever it is you are planning to do, do it. Take this as your sign that you are supported at this moment and success is a promise. Face all obstacles knowing you will be victorious.

Leo – Queen of Swords

Personal development, cutting away old patterns and expanding your view of what’s possible. This is what is being asked of you this month Leo. If you have noticed parts of yourself or external forces that are no longer adding value to your life, cut the cord. Even if it may seem painful at times what is on the other side will be better than what exits for you now.

Virgo – Queen of Pentacles

A beautiful card to receive this month Virgo. The Queen of Pentacles is all about self care. Nurture yourself and nurture others, take time to surround yourself with the things that enrich you. This month you may even find that money troubles seem to fade away and abundance is all around you.

Libra – Ten of Wands

Happy solar return Libra! The month of October might be very illuminating for you. The Ten of Wands tends to show up when we are feeling burdened and overwhelmed. What ares of your life are things piling up on you? Look and see if there is a way to lighten up on tasks or issues that may be weighing you down.

Scorpio – Four of Cups

This October might make for a great time to reevaluate and put things into perspective. Whenever the Four of Cups shows up it means it is time to think about what it is we really want. Is there things you are wishing could be different? Are there parts of your life that can be enriched? Take out a notepad and write what comes up for you.

Sagittarius – The Empress

What a powerful card Sagittarius. The Empress is all about feminine energy. Lean into love this month, open your heart and connect to all that surrounds you. October may be a great month if you are single to start something new. Your intuition is also at an all-time high, trust it.

Capricorn – Knight of Pentacles

Probably the perfect card for you this month Capricorn. The Knight of Pentacles speaks to hard work and achievement, which are already your strengths. “Slow and steady wins the race,” is the mentality behind this card. Since you already work around the clock, maybe take some time to have fun.

Aquarius – Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is all about moving quickly and efficiently. You might find yourself pushing to get things done faster or feeling rushed. This energy isn’t alway the most pleasant Aquarius. Don’t let your mind race, focus on doing things to the best of your ability, instead of racing to the finish line.

Pisces – The Magician

A wonderful card for you this month Pisces. The Magician is here to remind you that you have the ability to create magic. What is it that you are dreaming of? What do you wish to cultivate in your life? Creative visualization, artistic outlets and things of that nature could serve you well. Your power to manifest and create are strong now, wield them wisely.