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Tarotscopes | May 2021

April 28, 2021


By Aubrey Houdeshell

Hello, friends! Welcome to May, Springtime, and Taurus Season. The Card of the Month this time around is the Four of Wands, a very appropriate card for this time of year. Ultimately, the Four of Wands is about being in the flow of stability in our lives, which is very much in alignment with what Taurus desires! As a sign that thrives on routine and predictability, right now we’re being asked to take a page from Taurus’ book and apply it to our own lives.

The Four of Wands is honestly a super happy card that speaks to the home life, a close-knit community, reunions/parties/celebrations, and a sense of belonging. As the pandemic rages on, there is still a focus on staying home as much as possible, although we are currently in a precarious phase of wanting to branch out more and feeling safer socializing as both the weather gets warmer, and more people are getting vaccinated. Expect this month to bring you more in the company of that inner circle of trust! Maybe there is a special occasion that will bring you together, or maybe you’ll just feel more comfortable bringing people into your home. Either way, our personal communities will come into focus and these reunions will restore a sense of belonging and connection. Enjoy!

As far as Astrology for this month is concerned, just a few days ago our friend Pluto stationed retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto goes retrograde once a year for around five months, and asks us to get honest with ourselves about which old patterns, beliefs, behaviors, and relationships we’re ready to let go of now. In the sign of Capricorn, this transit will be about old stories we have surrounding money, material, abundance, and success. We might also be asked to grapple with internalized capitalism, patriarchal issues, and our relationship with our fathers. It’s time to grow and welcome in the new, but first we must clear out the old. We also start out the month with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, AND Lilith in Taurus, putting a strong emphasis on sensuality, comfort, the home, stability, routine, predictability, and beauty. Within the first week, however, this energy will begin to shift as Mercury moves into busy Gemini on the 3rd, followed by Venus on the 8th.

Another transit will also happen on May 13th when 2021 heavy-hitter Jupiter leaves Aquarius temporarily and ingresses into Pisces. As the traditional ruler of Pisces, Jupiter is in its domicile here and feels much more comfortable than it did in Aquarius! Pisces kicks in the spiritual side of Jupiter, and is here to bring expansion to our psychic senses, and our hearts, helping us to truly embody unconditional love. This sort stint in the final sign of the Zodiac will give us a taste of what’s to come before Jupiter goes retrograde and slides back into Aquarius in June.

On May 11th we’ll experience the New Moon in Taurus, the Sun will enter Gemini on the 20th, and the Full Moon in Sagittarius happens on the 26th! This month’s Full Moon is also accompanied by a total Lunar Eclipse, kicking off Eclipse Season for the Summer. Lunar eclipses are portals and potent times for ritual and magick as every single phase of the Moon happens in one night. They also act as gateways, closing something out to make way for the new. Many people believe that whatever occurs at the eclipse has far reaching implications in our lives. Act accordingly.

On May 23rd our other 2021 heavy-hitter Saturn will go retrograde, followed by Mercury Retrograde on the 29th. The end of May is packed full of major astrological events that are here to shake things up! These transits may end up feeling liberating for some of us, and being the change of pace we’ve been looking for. However, that change may also manifest in frustrating ways, causing tension and blockages. Remember it’s all happening FOR you, and not TO you, though. And do your best to keep rolling with the punches.

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Tarotscopes for the signs. Read for your Sun, Moon, Rising, and Chart Ruler. Take what you need and leave the rest.


Aries – Four of Cups

You may be feeling a little restless or discontent this month, Aries. You have found yourself at a crossroads, ready for change, but not sure exactly where to go or what to do next. There may be several options that are presenting themselves to you, but you’re not exactly sold on any of them. The Four of Cups asks you to take a step back and engage in some introspection. You need alone time, however you take it, to find answers to your questions and tap into your intuition. Trust that the answer will arrive. It could be that one of these options becomes the clear choice, or maybe it becomes clear that it’s none of them, but something else entirely. Either way, trust yourself and your choices.

Taurus – Six of Pentacles

Balance and generosity are coming center stage for you this month, Taurus, specifically as it pertains to your relationships. Do they feel balanced? Is there an even exchange of give and take? Usually when this card pops up there’s somebody who is in need of some help. It might be you. If somebody is extending their generosity to you at this time, accept it with grace and the knowledge that you’ll be able to pay it back – or pay it forward – in the future. However, it could be that you are the one who is able to help out a loved one at this time. If so, give with grace and trust that all of the good you put out into the world will come back around.

Gemini – Five of Wands

Unfortunately you may be experiencing some miscommunications and conflict this month, Gemini. Often with this card the issue happens when everybody is talking, but nobody’s listening. As the planets start to shift into your sign, everybody’s minds will be as loud as yours for once, but so will their opinions! It’s important to remember that in this case everyone has the same goal in mind; you all want the same thing, but your ideas about the best way to achieve that goal are quite different! In this moment you’re going to have to be the one who takes control of the situation and gives everybody the chance to share their ideas – including yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, but you do have to hear them out. Try to find commonalities and have an open mind so you can accomplish the task at hand.

Cancer – Four of Pentacles

Money matters are at the forefront for you right now, Cancer. You may experience an unexpected bout of abundance! But there’s something about your current state that has you locked in fear anyway. It’s time to take a look at your relationship to money and ask yourself if it’s a healthy one. Remember that clinging to money doesn’t bring you more of it. Trust that the money will come again and that it’s safe to spend what you have now. Alternatively, this card can show up when you’re holding onto something – or someone – from the past. Free yourself from whatever unhealthy fear is blocking you.

Leo – Knight of Wands

Inspired action is the name of the game this month, Leo. You’ve had the idea, and now you have the plan, and you’re ready to act! Follow that inner flame. Anything that brings you inspiration, excitement, and adventure is the best thing for you right now. Just make sure not to be so hasty that you forget your plan altogether. You are magnetic and charismatic and an excellent problem solver, bring these qualities with you this month.

Virgo – Death Reversed

Change isn’t a bad thing, Virgo. I know you thrive in a routine that functions like a well-oiled machine, but there’s something about this routine that has left you feeling stagnant and in a state of decay. What is it? Just because something is familiar doesn’t mean it’s serving you. It’s time to embrace change. Welcome the shake up and know that the newness, too, can become familiar and part of your routine. Everything that feels comfortable now was once the unknown. Let go of the dead weight.

Libra – Judgement Reversed

The Judgement card is the card of Libra, but it’s showing up in its shadow form this month! The Reversed Judgement card represents self-doubt and a lesson we’re refusing to learn. If it’s the former, it’s time to ask yourself why you’re operating in fear and doubt. If it’s the latter, it’s time to get honest with yourself about the lesson you’re avoiding. Either way, you’re out of balance right now, Libra, and that’s not a pretty sight. Everyone makes mistakes, but they don’t have to define you.

Scorpio – Temperance

This month calls on you to let go of your extreme nature and to take a milder approach, Scorpio. Sometimes you can be prone to black and white thinking, but now you must push yourself to see the shades of gray that life truly happens in. The keyword for this month is balance. If you find yourself feeling an imbalance, pause and ask yourself why. Staying grounded is crucial this month and will bring you the clarity you need to keep yourself centered. Strive for serenity.

Sagittarius – Nine of Swords

Stress, anxiety, and worry are creeping their way in this month, Sagittarius. This, unfortunately, is a dark card. It shows you up in the middle of the night because of this stress, and you may even be experiencing nightmares! It’s time for you to reach out to your friends, and the people who love and support you, for help. Let them know what’s going on and let them help you help yourself. Together your joint efforts can help you pull yourself out of the dark.

Capricorn – Page of Swords

This month you’re ready to try new ways of approaching things, Capricorn. The Page of Swords signals not only new mental processes, but also new ways of communicating with those around us, especially as it pertains to the professional environment. Remember, though, that there’s a big gap between having an idea and actually applying that idea. You need a plan on how to start implementing these new approaches, and the tangible action behind it. Luckily, this is the Capricorn superpower. Sometimes this card can also represent delayed news. If there’s something you’ve been waiting to hear back about, you may have to keep waiting just a bit longer.

Aquarius – Ace of Pentacles

This month brings the opportunity for a new direction as far as money and the material is concerned, Aquarius. This could arrive in the form of a new job, a promotion, a new project, or a creative endeavor. Whatever it is, you’re hoping it will bring you stability and will be something long-lasting, with some literal and figurative payoff, to boot. The potential behind this idea is certainly there, but you must ACT on this idea. What are the first steps? What do you need to do to bring this idea to fruition? Even if you don’t have it all figured out yet, taking those first few steps will help.

Pisces – The Lovers

This month you’re being asked to take a look at the choices you’re making, Pisces. Do they match your values? If not, why not? As the sign who truly knows the value of empathy, compassion, and what it means to live unconditionally, it’s time to start prioritizing these things in your daily life. What do you need to do to bring everything into alignment and have the Divine love you possess show up each day? Take action.

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