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Tarotscopes | March 2021

February 25, 2021


By Aubrey Houdeshell

It’s March. Pisces Season is in full swing, and we are officially on the other side of Mercury Retrograde! The Sun, Neptune, and Venus are currently hanging out in Pisces, and will be joined by Mercury on the 15th, shifting our collective stellium from out-of-the-box Aquarius, to this sweet, intuitive sign. As far as the Astrology for March goes, this will be a welcome reprieve from the intensity of the prior two months, with both Pisces and Aries Season being the most enjoyable times of 2021.

That said, the Card of the Month is a bit of a doozy. The Five of Swords represents conflict, and not just any conflict: it’s the fallout of an argument we’ve had with somebody we care about. Considering the extra intense Mercury Retrograde that dominated all of February, to think that maybe we have some cleaning up to do isn’t difficult to imagine.

The conflict at play in the Five of Swords is typically marked by a situation where we felt the need to stand our ground and “win” at all costs. Perhaps this was true, and standing up for yourself was necessary in this situation. However, I encourage each of you to consider the fact that nobody truly wins when we’re fighting with those we care about. And indeed, as we go to pick up the pieces after this argument, this Five leaves us with the feeling that we ended up losing just as much as the other person in the end. And now we’re being called to get honest with ourselves and assess the situation.

Do you truly care for this person? Is this a relationship you wish or need to continue in some way? Oftentimes with the Five of Swords the damage being done via this conflict isn’t worth its weight in gold. If the answer to any of those questions is yes, we’re being encouraged to put our weapons down, swallow our pride, and apologize. Embrace the compassion and empathy of Pisces and reach out.

If the answer to those questions is no, well…

An alternative interpretation of the Five of Swords is the need to get strategic. Perhaps there is a new perspective you need to adapt in order to come out on top. Just make sure that strategy doesn’t ask you to be malicious or act in ways that go against your values. The good news is the Pisces stellium of March will have us all feeling open and full of love – especially with Venus transiting the sign of the fishes. Venus is exalted in Pisces, and has us all feeling dreamy and romantic, much like we’re wearing rose-tinted glasses. Our desire to connect and take care of those we hold close is dialed up to eleven, so smoothing over any faux pas of the last month should come easily enough.

On Saturday, March 13th, the New Moon will join the stellium in Pisces, and form a harmonious conjunction with the Sun. Intuition will be at its height! This is also a favorable time to get started on something important, especially if it’s something you’ve been rolling around in your head since February. This lunation is all about bringing our ideas from Aquarius season down to earth.

On the 15th, Mercury too will enter Pisces, thus completing our watery quartet. Our focus will shift to the ethereal, and our conversations will turn to our hearts. The desire to share your feelings and be there for others will be strong. Embrace this lovely energy! On Saturday, the 20th, the Sun will ingress into Aries, and we will be initiated into a New Zodiacal Year! If you didn’t set any intentions at the modern New Year, this is a favorable time to set some now. On this same day, we will experience the Vernal (Spring) Equinox, the celebration of Ostara, and International Astrology Day! Plant all of the new seeds! The next day, Venus follows suit and enters Aries, igniting PASSION within us all. This same day, we will experience the Full Moon in Libra! Highlighting our relationships and the need for JUSTICE. The concept of balance will also come into play, with the Full Moon asking us to look at where we have it and where we need it.

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Tarotscopes for the signs. Read for your Sun, Moon, Rising, and Chart Ruler. Take what you need and leave the rest.


Aries – The Sun

This is going to be a wonderful month for you, Aries! Maybe that’s because the Sun is moving into your sign this month. Regardless, this is one of the most positive cards in the deck, and it shows you being in complete alignment with the Universe, experiencing abundance on all levels. Don’t forget to be generous with all that wealth, Aries, life is best when we share it with those we care about, and you have plenty to share right now. This should also be a time marked by fun, joy, play, and gratitude. Happiness abounds!

Taurus – Ten of Pentacles

Often referred to as the card of “wishes come true,” the Ten of Pentacles speaks to luxury and abundance on the material level. With this card you no longer want for anything, you possess it. Which, let’s be real, is exactly what you want to hear, Taurus. This abundance is especially apparent in your home life, where your abode has transformed into everything you’d like it to be. Relish in this time, experience the fulfillment of your hard work that has brought you to this place. The Ten of Pentacles also asks us to assess what we need in the long-term in order to experience stability and satisfaction – both things Taurus loves to concern themselves with. Make yourself a list. What can you already check off?

Gemini – Seven of Cups

This might be a complicated month for you, Gemini. The Seven of Cups is a curious card that first speaks to being lost in your daydreams and visions for the future. As far as manifestation is concerned, this could be a good thing since we need to be able to see our goals. However, there’s also a sense of illusion or confusion that comes along with this card – in this case, probably the Neptunian fog of Pisces. It may be difficult to tell up from down, or right from wrong this month. If you find yourself in this state, pause. Wait until clarity returns to you before making your next move – you’ll be glad you did.

Cancer – Seven of Wands

There’s something that’s caught you off guard this month that has you thinking on your feet and trying to stand your ground, Cancer. It’s likely got you questioning whether or not you can actually defend yourself with any amount of success. Trust that you can, but once it’s over you need to assess what happened and ask yourself if there’s any way you could’ve seen this coming and prevented it. Sometimes the answer is no, but that’s pretty rare. How can you be better prepared for next time?

Leo – The Empress

Hello, Leo. The Empress has arrived to ask you to lead from your heart this month. You’re walking on fertile grounds right now, which means the potential to birth whatever you want is at your fingertips. So, what is it? Step into the side of you that is loving, warm, tender, romantic, and sensual. Your heart is your truest oracle this month, and will help you to execute whatever it is you’re daring to dream of. Dream big!

Virgo – Eight of Cups

There’s a situation or relationship that isn’t working for you anymore, Virgo. It’s likely that you’ve been grappling with this situation for a while, hoping to rectify it in some way, and return it to its previous state when it was something that brought you joy. As the sign of devotion you don’t walk away from anything lightly. But if you’ve been waiting for some kind of a sign to walk away from this person or situation, this is it. It’s time to pack up your bags and move on to something, or someone, bigger and better. Make a plan of escape.

Libra – The Moon

It seems Pisces energy is showing up in a big way for you this month, Libra! Perhaps it’s because your ruling planet Venus is transiting Pisces for most of the month. Either way, the Moon has a tendency to show up when we’re fraught with anxiety, worry, and stress, and we’re operating from a fear-based space. Cut it out. Fear only undermines our power, and as a Cardinal Sign you need that power to operate at your best. Instead, you’re being asked to step into your intuition and trust the Universe. Trust the unfolding of your path even if you do not understand it in this moment. Embodying your intuition will take you out of fear, and into your ability to stay one step ahead of the game. Venus in Pisces wants us to dream, and dream big. You’re being asked to do the same.

Scorpio – Five of Cups

This is a tough card this month, Scorpio! The Five of Cups represents grief, loss, disappointment, and possible depression. Something didn’t work out the way you wanted it to, and Pisces Season has you all up in your feels. And that’s okay, feel your feelings. Lick your wounds. Acknowledge what needs to be dealt with, but then release them. This card warns against unpacking and deciding to live in this disappointment. Instead, use your power to transmute this energy and move on.

Sagittarius – Nine of Swords

This is a dark card, Sagittarius, and it seems like the beginning of 2021 has been rough for you. With the Nine of Swords we are swirling in stress, anxiety, and worry. So much so that it might literally be keeping you up at night, and/or giving you nightmares. This is unlike you. It’s time to reach out to the people whom you trust! Those you can confide in who love and support you, and can help you to pull yourself out of this darkness. This too shall pass, but it will pass faster with a solid support system.

Capricorn – King of Cups

How’s it going, Capricorn? The watery depths of Pisces Season might have you feeling off your game, as somebody who tends to forego emotion and intuition at the expense of logic. But this month you’re being asked to integrate that emotional side of you that you hide away, and to operate from a balanced space of logic and intuition. The King of Cups is someone who is emotionally aware, but doesn’t let either side of them run away with the show. What can you gain from giving some weight to your feelings? It’s time to find out. Alternatively, this card could represent someone in your life who readily embodies these qualities. If somebody comes to mind, that relationship could come into focus in a big way this month.

Aquarius – Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is the romantic of the Tarot, and is on a mission for love, beauty, romance, altruism, and humanitarianism – all things in your wheelhouse, Aquarius. The Knights are also action-oriented cards, so it’s time to take real steps behind your ideals. This month is about bringing all of your ideas down to Earth, and making something tangible out of them. The collective needs your vision and innovation.

Pisces – Ace of Swords

Aces in the Tarot represent new beginnings, and this one is presenting itself to you with complete clarity, Pisces. The potential for success behind this idea is strong, but the Aces always ask us: what’s the plan? It’s all fine and well to have a good idea, but ACTING on that idea is another thing entirely. Seize this moment of clarity while you can and take it to the next level. Create a plan, and take action! Do the first step or two in executing the plan. You’ve got this.

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