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Tarotscopes | June 2021

May 25, 2021


By Aubrey Houdeshell

Hello everyone, and welcome to June! We are wrapping up the first half of 2021 already, and Summer is just around the corner. The days are long and warm, and hopefully we’re all feeling renewed. Gemini Season is in full swing now, and we’re starting this month off in the midst of THREE Retrogrades: Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury, who is currently in Gemini. The outer planets you may not feel as much, they are retrograde for about half of the year, every year, and their energies are more subtle, making themselves known more over the long-term than in the every day. Mercury Retrograde, however, tends to get a lot of hype.

As the closest planet to the Sun, the planet of communication goes retrograde the most often! During this transit, Mercury is at home in Gemini, so you might feel the effects more potently than usual. This energy is amplified by the Sun and Venus in Gemini as well. Although Venus will ingress into nurturing Cancer on the 2nd, bringing us a chance to start anew and get in touch with our tender side.

Which brings us to the Card of the Month: the Page of Cups. Pages in the Tarot represent a shift: a beginning towards something new and different. When this card arrives we are feeling open to the Universe and whatever it has to throw our way. Typically this Page pops up when we are at a sort of crossroads – we don’t know exactly WHAT it is we’re ready for, but we’re definitely open to possibility. Right now, the Universe says yes! Trust in the magick and potential, and expect the unexpected – in a good way! Cups represent our emotions, creativity, and intuition, so whatever it is that’s coming next, we’re sure to feel good about it. The cosmos this month reflect this same shift, too. On June 10th we will experience the annual Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Eclipses are portals that open the door for big things, even if we can’t predict what those things will manifest as. This Eclipse is happening alongside the North Node of Destiny in Gemini, which represents the energy we’re moving towards as a collective, so it’s a big deal from an Astrological standpoint. Get ready!

On the following day, Mars will leave behind the waters of Cancer for the fires of Leo. As the planet of action, Mars feels much better in fellow fire-sign Leo, who is bursting with creative energy. This transit will help us to take action on our creative ideas and breathe life into them. On June 20th we’ll enter Cancer Season, bringing our focus to our feelings and our desire to be there for others. We may also feel more introspective and want to stay home! A stark departure from the social butterfly vibes of Gemini. On the 24th we will experience the Full Moon in bossy Capricorn, and on the 26th Venus will move into Leo. We’ll also wrap up this month with two more retrogrades: Jupiter stations retrograde in Pisces on June 20th, and Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces on the 25th. Our friend Mercury will go direct on the 22nd.

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Tarotscopes for the signs. Read for your Sun, Moon, Rising, and Chart Ruler. Take what you need and leave the rest.


Aries – Three of Cups

This month is a time for celebration and being in the company of those you love the most, Aries! There may be some kind of celebration or important occasion that brings you together with your loved ones, or it might just be that you’re feeling more social in the warmer weather. Either way, this is a time to surround yourself with those who love, support, and believe in you, and have fun!

Taurus – Eight of Swords

You’re feeling trapped right now, Taurus, and may even be feeling a bit like the victim. While there are other cards that point to ACTUALLY being the victim, this isn’t one of them. Usually there’s a bit of willful ignorance associated with this card – you don’t want to face the truth the light will reveal. Why not? There’s a part of you that already knows the answer to your problem, but it probably isn’t the one you want to hear. Face it anyway. When you can bring yourself to do this, it will set you free, and the path forward will become clear.

Gemini – The Emperor

With a ton of planets spending time in your sign this month, including the Sun, you may feel lit up with power now, Gemini. And that’s a beautiful thing. Take advantage of this time and use your power for good! How can you bring in the stability you desire? The authority? Use your voice to convey all of your intellect and spread wisdom. Others are looking to you for advice now.

Cancer – Four of Cups

This is not the first time the Four of Cups has arrived for you this year, Cancer. What’s up? Perhaps the answer you’ve been waiting for hasn’t arrived yet, and you’re still waiting, waiting, waiting. As the planets move into your sign this month, your intuition will be at its height. Listen to it!!! You need alone time to allow the answer to become clear. Take advantage of all the crabby energy happening and help yourself.

Leo – Knight of Swords

Hello, Leo. A big moment of clarity is headed your way this month. When it arrives, you’ll know exactly what you need to do, and it’s up to you to seize this moment. The Knight of Swords is a high energy, high action card, and you’re being called to strike while the iron is hot! Don’t be so hasty that you go in blind, though. You need some kind of a plan in place, even if it’s a loose one.

Virgo – Ace of Cups

Similarly to the Page of Cups this month, the Ace of Cups shows a renewal in the realm of your emotions, Virgo. Oftentimes, this card speaks to the arrival of a new love. It could be romantic, but it could also be a newfound passion that lights your heart up with joy. Allow creativity to come through now, whatever that means to you. This brand new inspiration is a good one, but you need to use your superpower of planning and take the first tangible steps towards realizing it.

Libra – The Chariot

First and foremost, it’s time to find your confidence again, Libra. Think back to a moment in your life where you felt on top of your game: what is it going to take for you to get back there? What is keeping you from feeling that way now? This card can also show up when we feel a little scattered, and are unable to make a choice. If you’re feeling bogged down in the indecisive stereotype of Libra, it’s time to break free. The Chariot arrives to tell us it’s time to pick a direction and move boldly down this path. Align all of your time, money, effort, and energy, and take action. Most importantly, own that decision!

Scorpio – Seven of Swords

I’m just going to be honest and say this is not a card Scorpio wants to see, but hear me out. The Seven of Swords represents deceit, lies, betrayal, and somebody getting away with some bad behavior – all the things you’re afraid of. Pay attention, Scorpio, and use your ability to cut through the fluff of things and see the situation – or person – for what it truly is. Alternatively, there may be a relationship or scenario that you recognize isn’t serving you anymore, and you’re hoping to sneak away undetected, avoiding a huge blowout. If there’s something you’ve been avoiding, it’s time to face it head on and make sure you’re acting with integrity.

Sagittarius – Ten of Swords

Well, Sagittarius, things have been rough for you up until this point for some reason, but the good news is you’re FINALLY moving on from whatever this painful situation is that you’ve been enduring. There may still be some disappointment and pain to work through, but that’s okay. This is the final ending to this painful situation, and no more torment or discord will come from it. Feel your feelings, and then get ready for the better things on the horizon for you.

Capricorn – Ten of Cups

This month is all about your relationships and your domestic life, Capricorn. With lots of planets moving into your opposite sign of Cancer this month, you should be feeling balanced and wonderful. Tens in the Tarot represent things that are at their height. Perhaps you’ve made a breakthrough recently, or reached some kind of significant peak in your journey where you’re finally seeing things pay off the way you’d like them to. Allow yourself to feel the abundant love that surrounds you.

Aquarius – Eight of Wands

Expect big changes this month, Aquarius! There is a piece of news and/or some kind of opportunity headed your way that will kick-start things to move, and move QUICKLY. If there’s something you’ve been waiting to happen, heed its arrival and seize the moment! If you don’t act, it will pass just as quickly as it came. It may also arrive with the potential for travel. Get ready to expand your horizons one way or another.

Pisces – Nine of Pentacles

This month it’s time to celebrate you, Pisces, and all of the hard work you’ve been doing lately. Although you’re someone who normally desires connection, right now you’re being called to embrace your independence, and give yourself a pat on the back for the life you’ve been busy building for yourself. Abundance and luxury are present now. Take advantage of this wonderful time and treat yourself!

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