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Tarotscopes | July 2021

June 28, 2021


By Justin Taylor

Happy July everyone! It is officially summer and both the temperature and astrology for this month are heating up. We start this month off strong with Mars square Uranus transit which could bring feelings of frustration and an urge to tear anything down that inhibits our freedom. Now that fiery Mars is in the fellow fire sign of Leo, we can also assume this frustration might come about more dramatic than most. Fortunately, if used correctly this would be an ideal time to turn any aggressive energy into a creative endeavor.
This month we also have Venus entering Leo adding more drama and fire to the sky. Just like Mars it will also be squaring Uranus, but it is time there will be less explosive and will help us recognize areas in our relationships where maybe our needs are not being met. This feeling will be more apparent around the 9th with a Cancer New Moon. Especially with the emotional flow of Cancer season make sure to apply logic behind any actions we might want to take in our interpersonal relationships, otherwise things may not play out in the way we want.
Things do progressively get less volatile and more mature as the month goes on. On the 23rd of this month we have a Full Moon in Aquarius which sets up for this self empowering theme as the sun will be in Leo. The opportunity to cut all cords with those who don’t value us the way we value ourselves. All together the questions we should have in our minds this July is around those we love and how they love us.

The tarot card for the month of July is the 7 of Wands, the perfect card to summarize the incendiary energy of the planets this month. The 7 of Wands calls us to stand up for ourselves and protect what we value. Especially with the cosmic energies backing us this month be bold, take risks, do not compromise. If you are faced with a situation where normally you would play small, people please or just go with the flow, challenge yourself to act differently. Make sure your needs are being met and that your voice is heard.



Aries – Four of Wands

Aries, this month might be the perfect time to dive back into the dating scene or start a new chapter in any existing romantic partners in your life. The 4 of Wands is the card of belonging, it speaks to who we invite into our lives and those we spend the most time with. Something beautiful is entering this space for you, whether it be a new person or a new harmonious energy you can share with anyone you love. Celebrate all the love in your life both new and old.

Taurus – Ace of Swords

Thankfully this is one of the best cards when the suit of swords presents itself. Taurus, the Ace of Swords is here bringing you the gift of original thought. The aces of the tarot are like gifts, in this case you are being gifted with the opportunity to see things clearly. With the sword you now can cut through the fog that surrounds any and all situations that might be troubling you. It can also be an indication that inspiration is present here and a new way of thinking is possible.

Gemini – King of Pentacles

Usually when the King of Pentacles shows up it is a great omen for financial investments, success and betterment. All of that is true, but there is also a sense of stability and practicality you might be lacking Gemini. This card has an energy that is very paternal and disciplinary. This month has the possibility to bring you monetary success but also a grounded understanding of what you need to do next to keep your money flowing in the way you desire.

Cancer – Eight of Wands

It’s your season Cancer, and brace yourself for the changes and swiftness of things that will be taking place this month. The 8 of Wands is traditionally associated with the word “swiftness” as it signifies rapid and quick changes coming your way. Unlike the tower or death cards which usually bring change in a harsh or uncomfortable way, this card is more joyful. The things you have wanted and longed for might just fall before you this month. The things you have manifested and longed for seem to be on next day delivery from the universe itself bringing positive changes to your life.

Leo – Knight of Swords

When the Knight of Swords rushes in, it is a symbol of decisions being made. Leo if you have been hesitating on pulling the trigger on anything this month will be the month you do it. This card is all about making the decisions, the changes and taking the steps regardless of what happens next. So the advice with this energy would be to make sure to think before you speak or act because the repercussions might not be what you had envisioned. Use this time to go after all the tasks and goals you have been putting off.

Virgo – Six of Swords

You are being called to release all that doesn’t serve you anymore Virgo. Behaviors, people and things that no longer benefit you might make themselves known this month. This card is all about departure. Even if you feel hesitant take the time for yourself to asses such situations and act correctly. There might be a feeling of discomfort around this idea for you this month but ultimately the time to purge all your baggage is now.

Libra – The Moon

Libra this is the month for you to ask yourself questions, journal and mediate. The Moon rules the subconscious mind, fears, blind spots and secrets. What situations or people do you feel uneasy about? That might be your subconscious and intuition telling you something isn’t what it seems. The unknown can be scary but thankfully Cancer seasons watery intuition may help navigate you through any situations which might feel alien or suspect.

Scorpio – The Emperor

You have the possibility for new beginnings this month Scorpio. What areas of your life need to be revitalized? This month may be the best time to take initiative and create positive change. The Emperor card invites us to push past any blockages we imagine might be there and asks us to just go for it. Take autonomy back over your life and do something spontaneous as usually with this energy present, high stakes equal high rewards.

Sagittarius – The Star

Things are feeling hopeful for you Sagittarius. The Star is a card of beauty pouring its lime light on you this month. If there was anything that has come up for you in the past months that may have been unpleasant you are fully healed now. Rejuvenated from hardship, make this month an opportunity to show your light to those you love, enjoy all the blessings that follow.

Capricorn – Ten of Cups

An abundance of harmony and success after trials is what’s in store for you this month Capricorn. The 10 of Cups reminds us of all the bliss and fulfillment that exists within all of our relationships, tap into it and enjoy it. If in the past there was misunderstandings in any interpersonal situations they will be resolved. Carve out some time this month to spend time with those you love.

Aquarius – Four of Coins

Traditionally this card speaks to holding on to your money, but on a deeper level it can be holding onto anything too closely and having a restrictive mindset. What beliefs and situations feel restrictive to you? Where can you relinquish control and just be? These are the types of things to think about this month. No one loves to break the rules more than you Aquarius, don’t let anything stand in your way.

Pisces – Strength

The themes of self empowerment and passion that are in the cosmos are strongly mirroring back at you this month Pisces. Strength is the card of Leo and it is here to remind you of your power. Just like the message for the collective, this is your time to play big. You can overcome any obstacle you may face when you decide to show up as your authentic self. It also might be the month to treat yourself to whatever luxuries you may desire. You deserve it.