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Tarotscopes | February 2021

January 25, 2021


By Aubrey Houdeshell

Hello everyone and welcome to February! This month is often referred to as the “Season of Love” thanks to the many festivities surrounding love, including, obviously, Valentine’s Day. This sentiment is reflected wholeheartedly in the Card of the Month: the Ten of Cups. Tens in the Tarot represent the pinnacle or the completion of something; a sense of achievement having finally reached your goal. The suit of Cups being associated with the element of water, and therefore our emotions, the Ten of Cups represents a time of harmony, bliss, joy, peace, and deep emotional fulfillment. Most specifically, this card is related to our domestic life and feeling perfectly content in our closest relationships.

Even if you aren’t coupled up this time around, it’s important to remember that love is a wide spectrum that shows up in many different ways, across all types of relationships, and no form of love is more valid than the other. The Ten of Cups encourages us to find a way to relax, slow down, and fill our deep wells with gratitude for all the love we DO have in our lives. Consciously acknowledge all the ways in which your needs and wants are met right now, and spend this month leading from an open, warm, and compassionate heartspace.

If you are coupled up, this could be a wonderful time of joy and romance and deep contentment in your connections. How can you continue to cultivate this dynamic even after the holiday(s) have passed? We enter this month in the full swing of Aquarius season, now fully initiated into the energy of 2021 with five planets transiting the sign of the Water-Bearer: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn! We are also in the midst of our first Mercury Retrograde. While the hallmark of February is love, be wary that Mercury Retrograde can bring misunderstandings, delays, setbacks, technology issues – especially in Aquarius – and general frustrations. Mercury Retrograde in particular always asks us to be patient, flexible, and understanding, and to triple-check our plans. In Fixed Sign Aquarius you may find it harder than usual to remain open and flexible, but there’s a lesson or two for us all hidden in this transit. Mercury goes direct on the 20th.

The New Moon in Aquarius greets us on the 11th, presenting us with the opportunity to set an intention for anything future and/or humanitarian related that we’d like to see manifest over the next six months. This would also be a good time to explore your individuality. This Moon in particular is a Cazimi Moon, meaning “in the heart,” and occurs when a planet is transiting the center of the Sun. In astrology, this is a somewhat rare, and definitely powerful moment to tap into the potential of this lunar cycle.

This month is also marked by plenty of squares – or difficult aspects – between the Taurus and Aquarius planets. The most notable one happening on the 17th is between Saturn and Uranus; the first of three happening this year. As I noted last month, these are also rare events that have historically seen the emergence of a new cultural phenomenon that changes the course of things in a big way, such as the dot-com boom. Stay tuned on what that will be now. The following day, on the 18th, the Sun enters sweet and tender Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, and thus we enter the final phase of the zodiacal year. Our focus will shift to our feelings in a big way, and intuition, compassion, and empathy will take center stage. Hello, Ten of Cups. Mercury will follow suit and enter Pisces on the 25th, and we will experience the Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th.

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Tarotscopes for the signs. Read for your Sun, Moon, Rising, and Chart Ruler. Take what you need and leave the rest.


Aries – Ten of Swords

Tens in the Tarot represent the culmination, and ultimately, the completion or ending of a cycle. And this is a tough one, Aries. When the Ten of Swords arrives there’s a situation that has left us feeling betrayed, hurt, and full of remorse. With this card we are actually the victim of somebody’s bad behavior. This is likely a situation that has been coming to a head for a while, and this probably isn’t the first time you’ve been hurt in this scenario. The good news is this card marks the final ending to a painful situation, and no more turmoil or discord will result from it. Lick your wounds, yes, but don’t unpack and live there. Use your super power of bouncing back from anything quickly to move on. Don’t compromise your self-worth.

Taurus – Two of Cups

The Season of Love is showing up for you in a big way this month, Taurus! The Two of Cups represents a beautiful connection with somebody special in your life. The flowing of love, creativity, support, and understanding is abundant with this person. You may feel you naturally understand one another’s soul; you speak the same language. While this does typically speak to a romantic connection, it could be any kind of partnership that is wonderful. Let this relationship come into focus throughout the month. Do something special for them. Taurus takes the cake in gift giving. Indulge them.

Gemini – King of Swords

The King of Swords calls on us to act from a place of complete mental clarity, no small feat for somebody whose mind is always buzzing, Gemini. But something this month has you seeing clearer than ever before, and you’re now able to act from a logical, analytical, and intelligent place. There is a certain emotional detachment that is required of you in order to maintain such clarity, and sometimes this card can speak to feelings of guilt surrounding not being more sympathetic. However, the King reminds us that this emotional detachment is what’s serving us best right now. Just go with it.

Cancer – Four of Cups

The Four of Cups shows up when we’re at a crossroads in our life and we’re trying to figure out where to go or what to do next. There may be several options that are presenting themselves to you at this time, but you aren’t married to the idea of any of them. It isn’t necessarily a solid “no,” but more of a “not right now.” You are being called to carve out some space for yourself right now, Cancer. Meditation, Journaling, or whatever you do to take this alone time will serve you well right now. Get in touch with that razor sharp intuition, and see what messages rise up while you’re enjoying solitude. The path forward will become clear.

Leo – King of Wands

The King of Wands is the visionary leader of the Tarot, and we all know you have a vision, Leo. What is it? Whatever ignites the flame of passion, excitement, and enthusiasm is the place you need to be leading from now. This card also calls upon the help of others. Who and what do you need to execute this vision? There’s time, money, and resources required, both from you and other people. Rally those around you who believe in your cause, and execute your plan expertly.

Virgo – Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles shows up when we are hard at work, tending to daily tasks, paying bills, and generally in the throes of adulting. This is your domain, Virgo, to be sure. Ultimately, the arrival of this card is a sign that you’re doing all of the right things, although it may seem a bit mundane. In some ways, you might be thriving in the routine, but the complete absence of fun and excitement may also have you feeling a bit dull. It’s important to value play, as well. How can you filter a little bit of fun into your routine, too?

Libra – Eight of Wands

This could be a big month for you, Libra! The Eight of Wands signifies a moment of sudden change and fast-paced movement. There’s some kind of moment or event, usually one you weren’t expecting, that presents you with an opportunity for innovation and a big shift – in a good way! The upright Eight of Wands asks us to seize this opportunity and strike while the iron is hot. Don’t let this moment pass you by! Sometimes an opportunity for travel is associated with this card, but given the current Covid surges, use your best judgment on that one if and when it comes.

Scorpio – Death

Death is associated with the sign of Scorpio, so you know this energy intimately, my Scorpion friends. This is a card of transition; you are once again being asked to grow. You have evolved past a certain pattern, situation, or relationship, and keeping yourself small in your current skin is only causing you pain. Break free from this shell and give yourself room to breathe; this space is created by cutting off the dead weight of things no longer serving you. Transform, transform, transcend. Nobody on this earth is more adept at transmuting their pain into power, and you are being called to step into new levels of power now. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

Sagittarius – Four of Pentacles

A curious card, the Four of Pentacles first speaks to a windfall of wealth; nothing but good news for your bank account. However, there is a certain fear that is kicking in your control issues, making you feel as though you need to hold on to every shred of money you can get your hands on this month. Given the current state of our economy, it’s understandable, but it may also be unhealthy, Sagittarius. This card asks us to assess our relationship with money. Is it healthy? Remember that money doesn’t actually have any value until we spend it, and that it tends to work best when there is a balanced flow of it, in, and out. The reality is we have to spend money to take care of ourselves. Trust that the money will come again.

Capricorn – The Tower

Let’s be real, nobody enjoys a Tower moment. It’s something that blindsides us, and it tends to shake us to our core, shattering the house of cards we were building. Don’t get caught up in the drama though, Capricorn. You are somebody who sees reality for what it is, and a Tower moment actually represents a truth that we need but did not have before. It represents enlightenment, and the liberation that comes from it. Embrace whatever happens this month, and know that it is serving your highest good, even if it doesn’t feel that way in the moment. Ultimately, the truth does set us free, and you will be able to rebuild from this place of clarity. Remember too that a Tower moment passes as quickly as it arrives.

Aquarius – Four of Swords

Even though one might think of this as an exciting time/year for you with so much Aquarius energy afoot, you are actually burnt the hell out right now, Water-Bearer. The Four of Swords calls on us to rest! Get out of your head and listen to your body this month, Aquarius. Self-care is your word of the month, and you need to prioritize it. There’s no need to feel guilty or weird about it, either. This card often arrives when you’ve been going through it, and you genuinely need this rest and recuperation to gather your strength and tackle the next task that is just around the corner.

Pisces – Ten of Wands

While the Ten of Wands marks the ending of a project or situation, it comes at a price. Something about this situation has been a heavy burden for you to bear, Pisces, and you are EXHAUSTED. For whatever reason, reaching the goal line has gone from something exciting, to a more hollow ending, usually it’s because you ended up taking on entirely too much along the way. Is/was there something on your plate unnecessarily? Is there someone who could’ve helped you share this burden? These are important lessons to be learned for next time.

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