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Tarotscopes | December 2021

November 30, 2021

TAROTSCOPES | December 2021

By Justin Taylor

The year is coming to a close and the month of December is officially upon us. This month starts off with a new moon on Saturday, December 4th in the sign of Sagittarius. This new moon is a total solar eclipse, and the official ending to the past year and a half. The sign of Sagittarius is about philosophy and travel, and this lunation could spring some optimism for our future. It is as if we look back at the past year and a half, wipe it away and start over with newfound belief system of what is possible.

From December 9th onward we have Venus conjunct Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. Venus the planet of love and interpersonal relationships is teaming up with Pluto, the planet of intensity and transformation. This is problematic to say the least. During this time manipulation and hidden motives will come to light. If you are single you may even notice your desires for love and affection seem to be intensified. Check in with yourself to make sure the people you are attracting correlate with what it is you truly want. This will become even more apparent when Venus goes retrograde at the end of this month.

December ends with Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion and blessings entering the sign of Pisces. Jupiter spent the majority of the summer in this placement so reflect back to themes of expansion you encountered during that time. For the collective this transit could make for more travel, creativity and spirituality.

In essence, the month of December looks like it will be a revaluation of belief systems and deepening our connection to what we truly value.

The tarot card for the collective this month is The Sun. There is no card more positive than the major arcana of the tarot. It is an omen of joy, optimism and happiness. Mirroring back to the cosmos for this month, may they inspire and lead you to connect with your joy. Take inventory of your happiest moments over the past year and know there are even more coming over the horizon.



Aries – Ten of Cups

One of the most beautiful cards, the Ten of Cups is all about happiness, emotional stability and fulfillment. This month might be quite serene for you Aries. Over the past year there might have been a sense of lack or a desire which is being fulfilled for you now. Look closer at your emotional needs right now and try to satiate them to the best of your ability.

Taurus – Three of Pentacles

The month of December might require collaboration for you Taurus. The Three of Pentacles calls for teamwork to push your goal forward. As an Earth sign you might shy away from this notion and prefer to do things at your own pace, but the goal might be achieved quicker with an extra set of hands. Try to delegate some of your responsibilities to create more time for yourself.

Gemini – Nine of Swords

This a heavier card Gemini. The Nine of Swords is about anxiety, fear and even troubles sleeping. Easier said than done, try your best to make peace with your anxiety. Focus on the present moment and all the security you have in it. Some say anxiety is living too far ahead and lacking awareness of the present. Prioritize your self care this month.

Cancer- Four of Pentacles

The message for you this month Cancer, is to let it go. The Four of Pentacles shows up when we are willfully holding on too tightly. Traditionally, this card speaks to being greedy and frugal with ones money. Outside of that we can cling to anything too much, our past, our pride anything at all really. Whatever comes to mind first of what you need to let go of, do it. Make room for something new.

Leo – The Devil

The Devil card is not one to fear Leo. December may bring a moment for you to realize certain power dynamics in your life that might not work for you anymore. Are there certain situations in your life where you feel controlled or too controlling? Take a closer look at them and see where changes can be made.

Virgo – The Empress

Tap into your nurturing qualities this month Virgo. When the Empress arrives it is a signifier that our ability to nurture ourselves and others is at an all time high. Naturally care taking as a Virgo this is quite easy for you to do. Just make sure you have the capacity to show up for yourself just as much as you do for others.

Libra – Strength

Strength and passion are with you this month Libra. If you feel depleted during this time it might be a good opportunity to connect with what you are passionate about. Let this be a reminder that your strength comes from within, and can tame any situation that arises. Just as the maiden tames the beast in this card’s artwork.

Scorpio – The Magician

A wonderful message you have this month Scorpio. The Magician is a reminder that you have all the tools at your disposal to create your magic. You are being told that now is the time to do what it is you might have been reluctant to do. The Magician creates magic out of his surroundings, so look around you.

Sagittarius – The Emperor

It is your season Sagittarius, and the Emperor is here to remind you of that. For the month of December take inspired action. This archetype is about perseverance and your ability to overcome. This time of year we collect the goals we have for the next one. Start taking action towards them now, and reap the rewards.

Capricorn – Queen of Cups

Seemingly an unusual card for you to receive this month Capricorn, the month of December might be an emotional one for you. The Queen of Cups inspires us to look at our own emotional nature and what we give to others. Are the emotional currents in your interpersonal life running smoothly? Are you feeling supported and appreciated by those around you? Contemplate these topics and let them inspire change. Make sure the give and take is mutual.

Aquarius – Five of Pentacles

Feelings of lack, worry and loss may come up for you this month Aquarius. No need to worry, because through this you have the possibility to correct it. As we face the last month of the year ask yourself what is it that would fulfill you? What is your current worry? When you take a deeper look, you can answer these questions and simply change the narrative. Create momentum and move forward.

Pisces – The Chariot

Positive changes are coming for you this month Pisces. The Chariot is here to pick you up and carry you somewhere new and uplifting. Determination is on your side to go out and seek what it is you want to change. From love to money, whatever it is your eye is set on the chariot is taking you to your destination.