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Tarotscopes | August 2021

July 28, 2021

TAROTSCOPES | August 2021

By Justin Taylor

Happy August everyone! It is officially August, the sun is shinning the brightest and the peak of summer is here. Astrologically speaking, this month has quite a few major transits happening. As of August 1st, Jupiter will officially be retrograding back into the sign of Aquarius. This might shake things up a bit. Jupiter is the benefic planet of fortune, expansion and blessings. Since mid May it has been in the ethereal sign of Pisces, making for a dreamy, fun and more illustrious summer. Now that it will be going back to Aquarius until mid October, it is as if the cosmos are yelling “Party’s over, back to work.” This period of time will bring us back to see if we’ve made the adjustments to have the luck, growth or blessings we’ve been asking for. Another transit to pay attention to is the Leo New Moon which will take place on Sunday, August 8th. New Moons make for beautiful new beginnings, this one especially. In the sign of Leo this moon phase makes for a moment of self love, creativity and generosity. The hedonistic and pleasure seeking sign of Leo mixed with the nurturing moon, create the ability to truly inspire yourself and others to go big or go home. If you are wanting to manifest something to enrich your life, this will be a great moment to do so.

The card for the collective this month is the Nine of Cups! The Nine of Cups speaks to wishes coming true, satisfaction and contentment. Just like the Leo New Moon, this month will be a realization that happiness can be a natural condition. Seek happiness, and pursue things that bring joy. Funnily enough, the energetics of this card are that of Jupiter in Pisces. With that in mind, maybe take time to take inventory of the people, places and things that make you happy and why they do. Tap into your joy and let it fuel you this month.



Aries – Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is a beautiful card, it is a messenger that is bringing a situation or person that will be one of heart, devotion and emotional reward into your life. This month Aries look out for any of these themes. The Knight is riding his white horse, the color of purity and offering a gift that is heart centered and one of value. If you are single, this might be a time to put yourself out there and see who comes knocking.

Taurus – Ten of Wands

Whenever the Ten of Wands appears it is a message that we are holding back. Where in your life are you not speaking your mind, giving your all, or advocating for yourself Taurus? This could be an opportunity to be true to you, and let it all hang out. What is emotionally unsound is physically unsound. Let August be your month to not hold back, and envision what life could be for you when you are no longer burdened.

Gemini – Four of Swords

The suit of swords is often feared but the Four of Swords is actually quite palatable. It is showing up for you this month Gemini, to remind you that you are at a space to act out of clarity. Just be mindful of your comfortability in whatever it is you are pursuing this month. If anything or anyone is dampening your intuition, maybe second guess it and stay true to yourself. You’ve thought about it long enough, just take action and do it. Stay the course.

Cancer – Eight of Swords

Stop stressing, stop overthinking and going to the worst case scenario. That is your message this month Cancer. The Eight of Swords illuminates issues brought from overthinking and worry. Whatever the situation may be, just remember to let things flow. Depending on the situation at hand this message may seem like a form of toxic positivity, but that is not the case. When a sword appears in the tarot remember it is the esoteric image of the mind. A sword is a weapon that can protect and cut through, or you can impale yourself. It’s your choice.

Leo – Ace of Cups

Firstly, Happy Birthday to you Leo! The Ace of Cups is the perfect card to receive on a solar return. Let the good times roll. This card is one of abundance in all things positive. Your cup is overflowing with positivity, generosity and the greatest of all, love. Have gratitude for this moment, for every positive outcome is at the brink of coming true. August is a highly auspicious month for you Leo. Embrace every blessing.

Virgo – Three of Wands

This month Virgo, keep an open mind. The three of wands is a reminder that your plans are running smoothly, but there is always a chance that they can go better than expected if open to change. Your initial reaction may be to stay the course and not let up from your goal in sight, but sometimes the world has a bigger and better outcome that is available to us. With discretion in mind just stay available to a better opportunity.

Libra – Eight of Cups

It is okay to say no at times this month Libra. The Eight of Cups is all about letting go and standing by yourself sometimes. With this message in mind, what people or situations instantly pop up where you know your boundaries could use some maintenance? Take some time to think about what would truly happen if you honored your no, set some boundaries and did what fed you best. The people who truly care for you will understand if you took the time to put yourself first.

Scorpio – Ace of Pentacles

The theme for you this month is inner and outer richness. Whenever the Ace of Pentacles shows up it signifies a new opportunity for abundance. This may manifest itself in a very literal way, where you happen to make more money, or get a new work opportunity. It is important to note however, that one can be abundant in many forms and whatever it is you want an abundance of, is possible for you this month.

Sagittarius – Six of Cups

Comfort, familiar faces and above all pleasure. These are the themes to anticipate for the month, Sagittarius. The ability to have great emotional renewal and receptivity is more prevalent now than ever. When this card shows up it’s a green-light telling you that it is okay to lean into comfort and pleasure. Enjoy life as much as you can.

Capricorn – Two of Swords

The Two of Swords is a very tricky card, traditionally it is all about difficult choices and feeling stuck in the middle. Indecision can be holding you back in some areas of life and now is the time to dig deeper as to why. A good thing to keep in mind when feeling stuck is that above all else our main goal is always inner peace, find a way for that feeling to be your outcome.

Aquarius – King of Wands

It is your time to shine and be bold. The King of Wands is all about leadership, taking action and spearheading something new. This month think of all the changes you may have thought about, but not acted on. If used correctly this could be a great time to begin any goal or big idea that will have major pay off later.

Pisces – Knight of Swords

The swiftness in which you are able to reach your goals and cut away any obstacles is now. Make lists, identify your course of action and just go for it this month Pisces. Out of all the knights in the tarot, the Knight of Swords is the quickest at getting things done. Speed aside, make sure you are thoughtful about what it is you are going for, don’t be blinded along the way.