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Tarotscopes | April 2021

March 28, 2021

TAROTSCOPES | April 2021

By Aubrey Houdeshell

Hello everyone, and welcome to April! We are just on the other side of the Astrological New Year and the Vernal Equinox, and Spring is fully underway! This is a time to plant seeds – literally and figuratively – and think about whatever we’d like to accomplish and see grow moving forward.

This energy is very much reflected in April’s card of the month: the Three of Wands. This card speaks to planning for the future, and planning big. It embodies confidence, momentum, expansion, and growth, and asks us to embody these qualities, too. Where are you trying to grow? What do you want to accomplish? What new cycle(s) are you ready to step into now? It’s time to develop a plan and start take those first important steps.

Luckily, Aries Season is here to help us with the action portion and the creative energy required to make it happen. As the first sign of the Zodiac, and Cardinal Fire energy, Aries is the great initiator and the leader. Both the Sun and Venus are hanging out in the sign of the Ram, and will be doing a dance together across most of April, making this the most enjoyable time of the year from a zodiacal perspective. Both the Sun and Venus ignite the flames of our hearts and bring our passions to the forefront, making our emotions run high. Remember, though, that Aries can be hot-headed and isn’t afraid of conflict, so watch out for selfishly motivated arguments. The need to be wary of useless conflict is further emphasized when Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Aries on Saturday, April 3rd. Our desire to be passionate in our communications, and to communicate ABOUT our passions will take center stage, and this can easily bleed over into verbal sparring if we feel undervalued or shut down. The Moon will complete the Aries stellium for April when it enters Aries for a few days beginning just after midnight on April 10th, with the New Moon occurring on the 11th. Do your best to bring self-love to the forefront and focus on where you need to prioritize yourself more. We cannot draw from an empty well.

A few days later, on the 14th, Venus will enter her domicile of Taurus. As one of the signs she presides over, Venus feels quite lovely here. Our focus will turn to our commitments, sensuality, and our relationship to stability, safety, and the material. A stark departure from Aries who feels things with immediacy, Taurus is a slow mover – ready to indulge in and savor the deliciousness of life. So, too, will we take on this energy and stop to smell the roses for a long while. On the 19th both Mercury and the Sun ingress into Taurus, heralding in the Taurus stellium quickly. This is a time to focus on our home and create the oasis of comfort we need in order to feel like it’s safe to move out into the world. It’s also a time to indulge the senses.

Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd, which will switch things up quite a bit from the energy of Mars in Gemini. In its detriment, Mars does not feel comfortable in Cancer, who struggles to assert itself in a direct manner. Similarly to Taurus, Cancer craves safety in order to feel comfortable doing something. Emotional connections are also a crucial ingredient, so our motivations will likely surround acquiring the comfort and safety of our feelings.

On the 26th we’ll wrap up April with a Full Moon in Scorpio, which also happens to be a Supermoon! Mama Moon will appear larger than life in the sky, and put on a spotlight on our deepest emotions, secrets, desires, and shadows. This will be an emotionally-charged, sensitive lunation, pinpointing the transformation we’ve made since the Scorpio New Moon six months back.

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Tarotscopes for the signs. Read for your Sun, Moon, Rising, and Chart Ruler. Take what you need and leave the rest.


Aries – Two of Pentacles

Hello, Aries! You’re likely quite busy right now and have a lot of things you’re busy juggling. So much so that it has left you feeling out of balance, rather than energized and productive. The Two of Pentacles asks us to confront our personal definition of balance, and to assess the reasons in our life that we don’t have it. Where are you expending too much of your energy? Not enough? Perhaps there’s something on your plate you could let fall to the wayside or put back on the shelf for another time that would free up the space and energy in your life to restore your sense of balance. Be honest with yourself throughout this process. Where are your real priorities?

Taurus – Nine of Pentacles

There’s nothing but good news for your bank account this month, Taurus! The Nine of Pentacles speaks to a strong, financially independent person who has worked hard to build the life they desire and is now able to reap the benefits! Luxury is often accompanied by this card, and it’s truly an invitation to indulge and treat yourself. You have literally earned it. The desire to do this will likely come near the end of the month when your season kicks off with THREE planets in Taurus. Enjoy.

Gemini – The Sun

Ah, sweet Gemini, welcome to the most positive card in the deck. The Sun shows up when we’re in perfect alignment with the Universe and experiencing abundance across the board. Mars has been transiting your sign for a while, and has given a boost to your mental sphere, and everyone else’s, which has likely left you with your cup feeling quite full. Keep in mind there’s a call to generosity whenever this card appears. You are literally being asked to share the wealth with those around you. This is also a time for fun, joy, and play! Just what the doctor ordered.

Cancer – Four of Cups

There are multiple options presenting themselves to you this month, Cancer, and you’re having difficulty discerning which one is the right fit. To figure it out you need to do what you do best and go internal. Spend some time alone in meditation, journal, tap into your intuition, and see what answers arise. It could be that one option makes itself clear to you, or maybe it becomes clear it’s none of them, or maybe it’s something else entirely. Regardless, it’s important that you’re able to stay true to yourself when making this decision. Nobody knows how to take care of you like you do.

Leo – Reversed Two of Cups

This one is a little tough, Leo. The Reversed Two of Cups represents separation, division, rejection, or some kind of conflict in an interpersonal relationship. The balance between you and someone you care about has been thwarted, and you might be feeling frustrated or confused. Miscommunication is often the hallmark of this imbalance, so ask yourself where and why this has happened. There’s a call to open up, to embrace honesty and vulnerability, but you might have to be the one to make the first move.

Virgo – Reversed Queen of Swords

Something has left a bad taste in your mouth, Virgo, and it’s possible harsh words are flying around. Negative energy is afoot, and you might be feeling bogged down in pessimism. The question is, why? This negativity is blocking the razor sharp clarity you usually embrace. Oftentimes there is a forgiveness that needs to happen in this situation – either with yourself, towards somebody else, or both. What and who can you forgive? How can letting go of resentment restore your pragmatism and focus? Find out.

Libra – Reversed Ten of Cups

Aries Season always brings our relationships into focus, Libra, and right now you might be experiencing a bit of conflict, especially within the home. Conflict is something you tend to avoid like the plague, but it’s important to remember that sometimes conflict is productive, albeit uncomfortable. Right now it’s important to pick your battles – as somebody who tends to hold their tongue until it bleeds in the name of harmony and peace, remember that lots of conflict can be diffused by simply speaking your mind in the beginning, rather than letting an issue fester. Practice healthy conflict resolution now.

Scorpio – Reversed Justice

Well, the Reversed Justice card is never a pretty sight. There’s something that seems to have left you feeling slighted, Scorpio, and it isn’t working out the way you want it to. Somebody was likely dishonest and/or deceitful with you, and you might be seeking revenge. Remember that karma never sleeps, but we aren’t usually the ones being called to exact it. The way somebody treats you is their karma, and the way you respond to it is yours. No need to sink down to their level. We cannot force people to take accountability, we can only control ourselves. Trust that retribution, in the end, will be yours.

Sagittarius – Reversed High Priestess

Do things feel confusing right now, Sagittarius? The arrival of the High Priestess indicates a bit of cognitive dissonance and being out of touch with your intuition. Maybe you’re feeling restless and want to escape out into the world and spread your wings, which is just fine, but what is your intuition telling you that you don’t want to look at? Get honest with yourself, look at the truth you’ve been avoiding.

Capricorn – Reversed Three of Cups

You might be feeling a bit lonely this month, Capricorn. As somebody who is constantly busy and consumed with work, it’s likely your social life has taken a hit. Remember that we have to play as hard as we work! What can you do to make more space in your life to unwind and spend time with those you love? There’s no need to punish yourself by remaining lonely. All work and no play makes Capricorn a dull goat.

Aquarius – Four of Pentacles

Well, first this card speaks to only good things for your bank account this month, Aquarius. You may find yourself having more money than you expected. However the second layer of this card foretells a certain fear that’s settled in surrounding money and the material – an unusual thing for you. Often when the Four of Pentacles makes an appearance we are engaged in an unhealthy dynamic with money and the material, feeling a need to hold onto every shred we can get our hands on. Remember that money works best when it’s flowing both in, and out. We must spend money in order to provide for ourselves. Trust that the money will come again, and it’s safe to use it to take care of yourself.

Pisces – Wheel of Fortune

A new cycle has kicked off for you, Pisces, and it’s looking like it’s going to be a great one! The Wheel of Fortune has turned in your favor, and you’re now reaping some good karma! It’s important to cultivate gratitude now, and enjoy the good while it lasts. This card also signals a particularly fated time in your life where everything is happening to put you on the path. A certain trust is required in the way things are unfolding now, even if we don’t understand it. You know that everything happens for a reason, Pisces, so let go and embrace it.

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