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Tarotscopes | January 2021

December 24, 2020


The Year of the Hierophant

By Aubrey Houdeshell

Welcome to 2021, everyone, and welcome to the first installment of monthly Tarotscopes. Normally, these will start with a card of the month, marking the overall theme of the month for the collective, followed by a Tarot pull for each zodiac sign, but as this is the start of a new year,  I wanted to touch on the Card of Year: the Hierophant. For those who don’t know – and even those who do – 2020 was the Year of the Emperor. We were asked to confront the patriarchy, issues surrounding authority, oppression, structure, stability, longevity, and our relationship to power on both a collective and personal level. Now we move forward in the next step of the Major Arcana journey to confront the themes of the Hierophant.

The Hierophant is associated with the sign of Taurus, who is ruled by Venus, and marks a departure from the Divine Masculine of the Emperor into the Divine Feminine. Into the Goddess. For those of us with prominent Taurus placements, this could be an important year. In its highest manifestation, the Hierophant is the religious or spiritual head, the teacher, or mentor. This card grapples with education, traditions, values, conformity, social conventions, higher, sacred knowledge, and commitment. This year we will be asked to facedown the values and traditions we subscribe to – what are they? Why do we value what we value? Who and what are we committed to, and why? Where are we ready to commit, and re-commit? We will also see a rise in feminine energy, and where that shows up in our lives both personally and on a larger scale. Where does femininity fit into our values, and into leadership? The Goddess is ready to take her rightful seat at the head of the table, next to the Emperor. Please note that we all have masculine and feminine energies within us, and when we speak about these qualities it has nothing to do with gender – “masculine” energy is assertive, “feminine” energy is receptive. Both are necessary to integrate and balance. These are poignant and timely things to begin considering as 2021 also marks the beginning of a new astrological cycle in Aquarius. Just before the closing of last year, heavy-hitters Saturn and Jupiter moved into the sign of the Water Bearer, marking a huge collective shift towards Aquarian values. Aquarius is the innovator of the zodiac, and seeks to advance the conversation of humanity in new, important ways. An unconventional visionary, Aquarius energy is here to help us implement structures and systems into our society that are more accessible, supportive, and equal for all. The out-dated structures of years past will now be replaced with more inclusive systems that serve the collective good. But the question is, how? Saturn and Jupiter are here to help us answer those questions by bringing progression and opportunities in a way that is stable and steadfast. This shift into Aquarius also marks a departure from Cardinal-signs (Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer) into the Fixed-sign axis.

It’s important to note, also, that we enter into this New Year in the thick of Capricorn Season. The Sun is still illuminating areas that need to be addressed, and is serving as a bridge between the themes of last year and this one. Mercury, the planet of communication, is also in Capricorn and here to help us talk about those things in a serious, practical way.

In the first full week of January, Mars will enter Taurus after its especially long stint in Aries, giving us our first real taste of how the Hierophant themes will manifest in our lives, as Mars will ask us to take action on them. Beware that Mars doesn’t feel especially comfortable in the Fixed Earth energy of Taurus, though, who is resistant to change. Taurus is a hard worker, however, and will expect us to be the same. Later that week, Mercury will enter Aquarius, shifting our perspective to the collective and ready to think outside the box, as we get ready to embrace the unorthodox vision needed to implement real change, which is further reinforced by the conjunction between both Mercury and Saturn on the 9th. You may also be in the mood to express your weirdest, truest self, and let your freak flag fly. That same day, Venus will enter Capricorn, marking a more serious, practical, and committed approach to our relationships. In the earliest moments on the 13th, we will experience the first New Moon of the year in Capricorn. New Moons are a time of beginnings, and this lunation will serve as a time to set intentions surrounding any practical matters you need to attend to, and any areas of your life that need a little stability. The following day, on the 14th, Uranus stations direct in Taurus, after being retrograde for the past five months. Uranus has long been known as the harbinger of change, and the retrograde cycle it’s been in has been asked us to deal with trust, stability, sensuality, and what needs to change, even if we don’t necessarily want it. Now, as Uranus makes it way back through the ground it’s already covered, we will be asked to start integrating what we have learned.

On the 19th, the Sun enters Aquarius, marking a complete initiation into the novel Aquarius era. Our awareness will transition from the events of 2020 towards the future now, and what we are ready to build. Emotions will take a back seat to intellect, and ingenuity will take center stage. Aquarius is a strong individual who values freedom and independence, while still desiring a group to belong to. This is the season to get weird, avant-garde, and be the eccentric you’ve always wanted to be.

On the 22nd, we will enter Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow, thrusting us into the first Mercury Retrograde of the year. This transit has become the most notorious event in Astrology, and people love to hype it up and get swept up in the drama. Don’t do that. But do make sure you’re double-checking things, remaining flexible, and trying to be patient when delays and miscommunications pop up. Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius on the 30th.

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Tarotscopes for the signs. Read for your Sun, Moon, Rising, and Chart Ruler. Take what you need and leave the rest.


Aries – Ten of Pentacles

Hello, Aries. The word of the month for January is ABUNDANCE. Tens in the tarot mark the pinnacle of something; the completion of a cycle. The Ten of Pentacles is nothing but good news for you in the material sense. It marks a time when all of your hard work has paid off, and you no longer wish for anything: you possess it. This should be especially apparent in your home life and your relationships; it feels as though all of your desires are manifesting. Alternatively, this card asks us to assess what we need in the long term in order to be fulfilled. If you learned anything from the Emperor last year, and from your ruling planet Mars hanging out in Aries for the past while, you should have the answer to this question and feel ready to take action to give these things to yourself. Maybe you already have. Regardless, use your super power of initiation to operate from a space of gratitude for all the different ways abundance already exists in your life.

Attract and create even more.

Taurus – Five of Pentacles

You aren’t feeling very good at the moment, Taurus. The Five of Pentacles arrives when we are bogged down by a lack mindset. Something has gone wrong that’s thrown you off of your game. Perhaps you are still reeling from all of the insanity and upheaval of 2020, which has undoubtedly thrown a wrench in your need for predictability. Regardless, this Five indicates a feeling of being left out in the cold, and you’re wondering why help hasn’t swooped in on its white horse to save you. The truth of this card is that it’s not going to – but that doesn’t mean help isn’t around. It is, but this time you’re going to have to reach out and ask for it. This is no easy feat for somebody who is used to being the provider, but there is an important lesson for you in learning to ask for what you need. The other message of this card is to start focusing on the other blessings you have in your life. It might not be showing up in the way you hoped or need it right now, but the abundance is still there. Cultivate a feeling of gratitude for what you DO have. When we are able to do this, we pull ourselves out of a place of lack, and start attracting more abundance into our lives instead.

Gemini – Two of Cups

There is a special connection taking center stage in your life this month, Gemini. The Two of Cups speaks to a unique relationship we share with someone that feels borderline spiritual. Maybe there’s nothing borderline about it. Though this relationship does tend to be a romantic one, sometimes it’s just referring to somebody we feel understands our soul naturally. Somebody who feels like home, romantic or not. As the sign of the twins, it can sometimes feel as though you’re constantly searching for your other half. Take the time to cultivate the loving and supportive relationships you DO have, whether or not they are romantic.

Cancer – Four of Swords

This month you are feeling worn out, Cancer. You are such sensitive creatures, there’s no doubt that the chaos of 2020 took its toll on you. The Four of Swords is the call to listen to your body and REST. What can you do to show the compassion and understanding you so readily show to others, to yourself? Channel your natural abilities to nurture, and give these gifts to your body. You need to go easy and restore your strength for the next task that lies ahead.

Leo – Six of Pentacles

Hello, Leo, you are once again being called to open up that generous heart of yours. The Six of Pentacles represents the idea of charity, giving, and/or generosity, and you are generous. This card often arrives when somebody is in need, usually in a monetary sense, but not always. Perhaps you are the one who is in need this time. If that’s the case, and somebody is trying to be generous with you, accept their kindness with grace. Or, if you are the giver, give with grace. This card also calls for balance in our concepts of giving and receiving. Do you feel your relationships are balanced in this way? If not, why?

Careful not to give and give to your detriment.

Virgo – Justice

Your word of the month for January is BALANCE, Virgo. The Justice card speaks to the need for it, but also to the idea of cause and effect, responsibility, and high morals/ethics; it is the cosmic balance that runs throughout all levels of life. And you are the one who knows all about responsibility and high morals, as the sign of devotion. Alternatively, this card can speak to the need for justice to be served. If there’s somebody who has wronged you, perhaps you’re waiting for karma to do its job, or maybe you have a desire to be the one to serve up that dish. However, Justice asks you to remain true to yourself and take the high road. Just because they acted poorly doesn’t mean you have to sink down to their level, too.

Libra – The Hanged Man

This month you’re feeling frustrated, Libra. There has been some situation you’ve been ensuring for a while that you can’t seem to get around, or get through. When the Hanged Man arrives, it’s an indication that there is something that is ACTUALLY outside of our control, and when we try to resist or fight against it, it only ends up getting worse. Exhausting as it may be, you are stuck here either way. What is the situation trying to teach you? What new perspective can you gain from it? Let go of your need for a certain outcome and deal with what’s actually going on.

Scorpio – The Devil

The Devil arrives when we are tangled up in unhealthy habits and behaviors that need to be addressed. These patterns of behavior hold us back from being the best version of ourselves. The Devil’s hooves are dug in deep. You aren’t afraid of the dark, Scorpio, nor are you afraid of the raw truth. The behaviors the Devil card points to need to be interpreted with total honesty, and this is your superpower. Get honest with yourself about the ways you’re holding yourself back right now. Look your shadow in the eye and use it to transform yourself once more.

Sagittarius – Strength

It’s possible you’re feeling great right now, Sagittarius, though you usually do. The Strength card marks a time of courage, confidence, vitality, and triumph over our problems. However, this card also asks us to engage in mindful awareness when we are emotionally reacting to something. Though you may feel tempted to say something or act a certain way, ask yourself if this gut reaction is really the best thing for the situation. The Strength card is first and foremost about the lesson of strength through compassion. All of the best leaders know this secret.

Capricorn – Nine of Wands

You are feeling burnt the hell out, Capricorn. There’s something you have been working on, or towards, for a while, and you’re starting to wonder if it’s ever going to pay off. If you’re ever going to get there. You might feel beaten and bruised by this process, and are ready to cut your losses and move on. Don’t do that. The Nines in the Tarot mark the near completion of something, which means that you’ve almost done it! The Nine of Wands specifically is asking you to muster whatever strength you can, rally yourself, and push further, just a little bit longer.

Your goal is within reach.

Aquarius – The Hermit

It’s likely that with all of the recent shifts into Aquarius energy that you are feeling quite activated, and therefore contemplative, Aquarius. The Hermit card shows up when we realize that the answers we’re seeking are no longer going to come to us from the outside world, but instead that it’s time to withdraw from society for a bit and seek the answers within. You have never really relied on society for the answers anyway, so this should be familiar territory for you. The Hermit asks us to take a step back, and do whatever we need to in order to carve out some space and time for ourselves to go within. His presence reminds us that the entire path forward won’t suddenly be illuminated, but the next few steps will whenever we allow our inner voice the chance to speak up.

Pisces – Two of Pentacles

Your word of the month is BALANCE, sweet Pisces. The Two of Pentacles means you are busy, busy, busy trying to make everything work. It’s likely that you have many balls in the air at the moment, are probably feeling overwhelmed, and ultimately, you have fallen out of balance. It’s time to assess where you are expending your energy. Where is too much of your energy going? Where is not enough flowing? What adjustments need to be made to restore the equilibrium needed to stay afloat? Oftentimes, this card asks us if there’s something on our plates that we can let go of, or perhaps there’s somebody around who could help share the load. Ask for help if you need it.

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