Tarot Reading


30 MIN | $60
45-60 MIN | $95

Elemental Balance Reading


30 MIN | $50


You will be booking an in-person reading unless otherwise selected!

Gabriel Varzal knew from a very young age that Spirit had plans for him. Able to divine from a very early age, his mother knew that he had the “sight”, a gift that has been passed down from both sides of the family for centuries. Through his travels, Gabriel settled in New Orleans, Louisiana for numerous years, learning different styles of divination from Conjure Man Sen Elias, a High Priest and the Owner of Crescent City Conjure. Using different modalities to help each person that sits at his table, Gabriel incorporates the teachings and practices of his ancestors and teachers to further assist in any situation that’s needed.
Called the “poor man’s therapist,” in New Orleans, Gabriel is straight forward in his readings, never sugar-coating what’s needed in order for his clients to thrive in today’s climate. He uses his innate gifts to help each and every person that is in need of help. Through his mixed heritage, Gabriel can empathize and understand any situation at hand from all walks of life, always to lend a helping hand when need be. Just as his teachers taught him, Spirit waits for no one. And in the words of Jon Batiste, Gabriel “tells it like it is.” Please only book if you are 18 or older ! Also please only bring yourself to the reading, to prevent outside distractions.

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