Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women with Karyn Crisis

Saturday, April 08, 2017

THIS EVENT IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. Please check back in a couple to days to see if extra seats have been added. Thank you.

“Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women”,  the name of Karyn Crisis’ forthcoming book, is based on her research while living among locals in Italy (the Ligure Region of Italy, Toscana area, Benevento and Sanniti area, Rome, and Udine region, and more).  She’s interviewed 23 Streghe, Nonna healers, authors (from Benevento, Rome and Naples, and Perturo Irpino, historians, museum directors, ancient folk story experts, Inquisition researchers, Benandanti, and local women from healing lineages. She’s walked on remains of 2,000 year old Goddess temples, received healing treatments from Italian witches, learned about Europe’s 500 year long Inquisition, and crawled along the cobblestones where women were burned…and delved deep into the heart of what truly is an “Italian Witch.” More than this being about the history of unsung female healers, her research has uncovered a most important matrilineal living practice (in harmony with all of nature’s cycles) that was destroyed and buried under the patriarchy in ancient times…and whose destruction has affected the modern world today.

Karyn has developed “Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women” into a Lecture Series with video interview footage, photos, and a brief overview of the enormous body of information her book contains. Each Lecture is different, tailored to each group of participants, with time allowance for Q & A. We are thrilled to host Karyn at Ritualcravt for one night to view this presentation. To reserve your space, simply purchase your seat online here and bring your receipt with you to the event.

About Karyn: Karyn Crisis is a Spirit Medium, communicating with and giving messages from the Spirit world of Guides, Goddesses, loved ones and friends. Having trained as a platform Medium under an NSAC certified Spiritualist Minister, her work with the Spirit world has become sought-after in the Bay Area in the form of: classes, workshops, private readings and public demonstrations. Her work has taken a turn towards historical recovery after the Spirit world guided her towards finding and sharing the true story of Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women. Karyn has recently returned from an second extensive research trip in Italy, where she met with 23 researchers, historians, herbalists, “Streghe”, “Nonna” healers, professors, authors, and museum directors. She is currently organizing this exciting material into a book, lectures, and guided Travel tours to Italy.