Valentine’s Day Tintype Photo Booth Pop-Up, February 14, 2020. 10-7pm.

Friday, February 14, 2020

We’re excited to host Brass & Bellows for a one day only pop-up at the storefront! All tickets can be purchased through the link below!

Brass & Bellows will be offering two sizes of tintype plates at event pricing, which also include a high quality digital scan.

– 4 x 5 (1-2 people max) $65

– 8×10 (1-4 people max) $85

Please use the following link to schedule an appointment for this event beforehand. This allows us to manage our time more efficiently and ensures you don’t experience a wait time:

For your consideration:

The lighting set up required for indoor exposure produces a very bright flash and is not appropriate for those prone to sensitivities or seizures.

Images produced are mirror imaged, so text will appear backwards. We recommend against wearing apparel with words on it for this reason. Glass and high shine metal tend to reflect our flash and impede exposure, so we’ll ask you to remove glasses before taking your portrait.

What we do recommend is apparel with textures and patterns such as lace, stripes, or polka dots since they generally appear high contrast in a tintype photograph.

About Tintype Photography:

Tintype Photography, also known as Wet Plate Collodion is the chemical processed that was used from the 1850’s to the 1890’s for capturing images. It fell out of favor with the invention of dry plates – which didn’t require a traveling darkroom, but has been kept alive by photographers studying alternative methods. It’s an amazing part of history! We’d love to show you the magic behind the antiquated technique, while also allowing you to take home a one of a kind memento.