The Way of Brighid Oracle Cards. By Tonja Reichley.


“Brighid, Irish goddess and Saint. Triple goddess of healing, smithcraft and poetry. Triple goddess of maiden, mother and crone. One of the three patron saints of Ireland, Mary of the Gael.

Brighid: herbalist, keeper of the sacred flame, social activist, water protector, woman of the forge, inspirer of words.

Brighid: peaceful woman, powerful woman. She is a woman of our ancestors and a woman of these times.

Brighid is the sacred feminine embodied and is a bridge between the pre-Christian, Nature traditions and Christianity, representing both in strong and empowered ways. She reminds us of the richness of our Native European heritage and through her we can discover and claim our own traditions.

Connect to Her timeless wisdom with this deck of oracle cards, each with a symbol of her aspects including a myth or story and a meditation/ ritual. Each cards ends with an affirmation to carry with you throughout the day. Symbols of Brighid that are included: Fire, Goddess of Healing, Blackberry, the Curragh, Water, Hearth Fire, Goddess of Poetry, the Flame, Brewer of Beer and many more.

Invite Brighid to accompany you, with these cards as a tool for deepening into ancient traditions and rooted connection.”

32 cards in a gold drawstring bag.

Cards measure approximately

3 1/2″ X 2″

We are pleased to offer these cards made by Tonja Reichley of Dancing With the Wild. Tonja is also a highly coveted teacher of Ritualcravt School. See more of her offerings at Ritualcravt under the “Education” tab.

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