The Runes. Hardcover. By J. Hamburger.


For some, rune reading is divination—a way of tapping into hidden knowledge. Others use it for self-reflection or focusing intention. Consulting the runes can be like talking to an old friend: you may know the truth, but sometimes you need to hear it before you believe it.

Before Christianity spread to northern Europe, the indigenous peoples were Germanic tribes, like the Anglo-Saxons, Goths, and Norsemen. Runes were the letters of their alphabets. Over time these letters developed rich symbolic meanings, passed down through poems and myths. When you pick up the runes you are entering a vibrant world, grounded in nature and the mysteries of life, yet full of heroes, gods, and mythology.

The Runes clearly explains each rune in its own chapter, giving plenty of examples of possible interpretations. The book features new, word-for-word translations of the Icelandic and Old English rune poems—two of the most important sources of runic information. Runes speak in mythical images full of strength, beauty, and wisdom, but it’s clear from the poems that they also have a dark side, and we know from history that the people who first used them were both fearless and fearsome. This guide doesn’t leave anything out. All of the mystical light is there, and so is the fighting spirit. The Runes will give you as much inspiration or challenge as you are looking for.

152 pages.

Measures approx. 5” x 8”



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