The Luminous Void Tarot. Second Edition.


“The Luminous Void deck is finally manifested, from 3 years of painting, and a lifetime of practice. Sacred arts communities, invisible beings, and unseen forces have aligned to birth this unique deck.

The deck is 100% watercolor. The artist chose this medium for its combination of lush, ethereal, emotional color, and organic accident.

Inspiration for the Luminous Void arose from Tibetan Buddhist concepts of Crazy Wisdom and the Rainbow Body, Trickster Medicine, and mystical Medieval manuscripts, as well as the modern art world. The artist’s intention is to create a playful, contemporary, artistic deck infused with spiritual and historical context.

The deck has rounded tops and bottoms resembling medieval playing cards from the 15th century, found at the Cloisters in NYC.”

Beautiful addition to our tarot collection.

Second edition.

The cards are round in shape and measure approximately

5 1/2″ X 3″

In stock