The Death Witch Ritual Oils.


The Death Witch Ritual Oils made by our very own House Witch, Loretta Ledesma. Each oil has been made in ceremony and has been developed over time. Loretta uses herbs, dirt from sacred places, minerals, stones, curios and other sacred objects to empower each oil.

These oils can be used for dressing candles, anointing tools for ceremony, adorning sacred objects or one’s sacred self through pulse points.

These bottles are one full ounce of oil. Each oil is made with a base of fractionated coconut oil.

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Banish– This oil is made to banish things from your life that no longer serve you. It’s made with dirt from a fast moving highway along with other herbs and items to push these things out quickly.

Blood Moon– This particular oil was made on the Blood Moon, in specific ceremony. It is made for power. Bringing power to a person or situation. This can be added to any oil to enhance it’s specific intention. There was a limited quantity of this oil so we do have a very limited stock.

Clarity– This oil is for taking out blockages and enhancing clarity within one’s self or situation.

Court– This oil was made to aid in victory in legal situation. It suggested you use this oil to anoint documents, candles, yourself or any container spells.

Dark Moon – This oil can be used to honor the dark phase of the moon and can also be used to honor the dark phase of self.

Divination– This specific oil is made to help with divination and connecting to the divine.

Empath– This oil was made with the intention of every day protection for those who tend to be more empathic. It is made for people who are more sensitive to those surrounding them and acts as an extra layer of armour.

Evil Eye– This oil was made with the intention to help protect against envy, jealousy and people who are watching too closely. It prevents their energy from affecting yours.

Fast Luck– This oil was made with the intention to bring luck quickly to oneself or a situation. While this oil can be used to dress candles, wearing this oil almost creates a magnetic field around oneself to attract things that are beneficial to you and your life.

Follow Me– This oil was made with the intention to command and control, to bring in lustful love and generosity.

Heal– This oil was made specifically for healing. Whether heartache, grief or emotional trauma, this oil can help bring the healing the user needs into their life.

Hekate– This oil is an oil dedicated to the goddess Hekate (Hecate). Use this oil to honor Her in any way you see fit. This oil contains Her sacred herbs and is charged with Her sacred items. It also contains dirt from the crossroads.

Love– This particular oil is for Love. Drawing in love to one’s self however they see fit. It has dirt from a specific place sacred to lovers.

Mastery– This oil was made specifically for mastering. To master a situation or problem, or situations where more fine tuned attention is needed to conquer. Loretta recommends anointing the hands of the artist or the tools of the student to master the task at hand.

Muerte– This oil is made to honor the Santa Muerte. It’s made with dirt from Loretta’s favorite cemetery gates and with the Santa Muerte’s sacred herbs and items. It aids in honoring the dead and helps cary us through mourning. This particular oil was made in a very specific ceremony for Her

Nightshade – This oil was made in collaboration with our very own Brittany Drinnon (@overgrown_nightshade) in honor of nightshade allies and their magic. The mother was set and fixed in dirt from Loretta’s poison garden. The oil itself contains mugwort, wormwood and other herbs traditionally paired with nightshades for flying ointments. The oil also has a full moon datura essence made by Brit she made the summer of 2019; then charged on her altar for three days surrounded by her own nightshade plants. This oil is perfect to help one connect with the nightshade plants more, or to call in their spirit in spell-work.

Please note this oil does not have psychoactive nightshade plant matter, as it uses plant essences but as always use at your own discretion.

Open Roads– This oil is for removing blockages and opening roads in any area of life the user sees fit.

Pay Me– This oil was made as an ode to Loretta’s dancing queens. It was made for money drawing and domination of finances but is ideal for anyone in the service industry, small business owners, or those seeking financial gain or a step ahead specific to money. This blend also has notes of bergamot and citrus.

Plant Spirit– This oil was made with the intention of conjuring plant spirits, created with all aspects to embody plants and hued with chlorophyll.

Pride (LGBTQIA)– This oil was made specifically for the LGBTQ community. There are ingredients in the oil to help us embrace the beauty and colour of life, and staying protected in doing so. It’s meant to bring healing and blessings to the user. Loretta suggests using this oil to anoint the feet, to walk in this world true, authentic and proud.

Prosperity– This oil is for bringing prosperity into one’s life, growing in any type of way, especially financially.

Protection– This oil was made with the intention of protection. Use this oil to protect yourself or your space, however you see fit.

Reverse– This oil was made specifically for reversing. To reverse a situation or negative patterns in life. Reverse crossed conditions.

Seers– This oil is for work beyond divination. To open portals waking or unconscious depending on your practice. See beyond that is in front of you.

Self Love– This oil was made specifically for self love. Anoint the body, or use the oil ritually to love yourself completely.

STFU- This oil is formulated to silence those who speak ill against you. Heat up the tongue and promote silence. Use to dress candles, in container spells and more.

Success– This oil is for bringing success, in whatever way the user sees fit.

Uncrossing– This oil was made with the intention to remove crossed conditions as a result of outside working or internal manifestation. This helps remove blockages as a result of the crossed conditions. One can use in a spiritual bath, candle or container work.

Van Van– This oil was made with the intention of being a sort of magical tool box in a bottle. Use Van Van to pave the way for success and good luck while moving out stagnant conditions.

Venus– This oil was made with the intention to magnetize love and attract better suitors.