The Cult of Flowers Midsommar Flower Essence Blend.


Rare flower essences mindfully collected according to my Scandinavian tradition, prayed over, and captured in brandy and spring waters. Flower essences are plant spirit medicine, they act on the spiritual and emotional bodies and when taken over time, can be powerful allies in shifting our emotional states, perspectives, thought forms, and can assist us in spiritual processes. Take 3, 6, or 9 drops orally 1-3x times a day, repeating a formula or phrase that reinforces what you are working on. Take orally or topically as long as you need. You may also anoint yourself, your objects, use in spellwork, and more.

Midsommar Flower Essence Blend- a remedy to shine light in our darkness. To bring our gratitude into fruition, to remember all that we have to be grateful for. A celebration of the sun, of ourselves as beings of light and as potent creators of our own lives. I also use this essence as drops into my ancestor altar water. A variety of blossoms including white yarrow {my midsommar queen}, snapdragon, linden, chamomile, self-heal, and sweetgrass essence from my garden collected on Thor’s Day between American and Swedish Midsommar 2021, the blessed summer after a difficult year for all. Soaked in pure Colorado spring water.

15ml presented in a glass and bamboo bottle with glass dropper.

These remedies are to assist in processes and are not meant as a replacement for medical or psychiatric care. Always seek medical or mental health care when needed.

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