Smells Like Spells Incense.


Norse Diety Incense.

The magic fragrance of these natural incense is based on old customs, traditions and the belief that every plant or aroma has its own magical purpose. It is like a witch recipe, where each plant and its aroma have a very important aromatherapic and magic function.

Freya – Attract a new person of your dreams, Forge a harmonious and close relationship, Find happiness and joy in such a relationship, Add love and material joy.

Sandalwood, Nag Champa.

Frigga – Create harmony at home among family members. Protect your home from anger, uninvited guests and their evil thoughts, Bring Prosperity and financial wealth.


Thor – Achieve your goals in a determined and purposeful manner, Achieve Abundance in all areas and boost self-confidence, Achieve Luck in every step, Complete ongoing work successfully.

Juniper, Nards.

Odin – Gain Confidence in your strengths, Gain physical and spiritual powers, Overcome difficulties, obstacles and challenges, Awaken and battle everyday misfortunes and problems & overcome them.

Nag Champa, Agarwood, Juniper.