Single Flower Essences. By Sister Spinster. 20 varieties.


“Flower essences are a subtle water-based flower infusion that is preserved with brandy. They do not contain the physical constituents of flowers that we often rely on in plant medicine. Instead the flower essences are inherently vibrational, an energetic imprint of the flower in full bloom. These vibrational essences easily travel into the realm of emotion, soul and spirit. They help us shift our consciousness patterns and therefore are potent medicines for our emotional, spiritual and physical bodies!

Because flower essences are vibrational remedies, you are welcome to use in a variety of ways. They are safe to take internally, for children and during pregnancy. Use 1-3 drops on the tongue or place drops in your water to sip throughout the day. You can use them topically on your skin, on your pillow at night for enhanced dreaming, in a spray bottle for your physical space, in your food, etc. The essences love to be played with. The more you engage with them, the more you will notice their effects!”

Acacia – for releasing heartache.

Angel’s Trumpet – for opening to the spirit realm.

Blackberry – for manifestation of personal will.

Bougainvillea – for moving with grace through grief.

California Poppy – for honoring personal spirit.

Calla Lily – for harmonizing masculine and feminine energies.

Eucalyptus – for  tranquility.

Jasmine – for liberating the past.

Lemon – for clarity of thought.

Manzanita – for honoring the body.

Marigold – for guiding light.

Mugwort – for psychic opening.

Nasturtium – for vitality.

Oak – for strong integrity.

Passionflower – for compassion.

Pomegranate – for nurturing self-care.

Redwood – for strength from ancient forces.

Rose – for opening to love.

Rosemary – for full embodiment.

Yarrow – for strong boundaries.

1/2 oz.