Ritualcravt Memento Mori Incense.


Handcrafted in-house by our very own witches.

“Remember you must die,” our Ritualcravt Memento Mori Incense is made with intention for those in mourning and for those who wish to send requests/adorations to ancestors, relatives or friends who have passed on.

We recommend taking a pinch of this incense and burning it on a charcoal disk, adding more when desired.

Ingredients: myrrh, frankincense, colophony, rosemary, bay leaf, rue, mullein, willow bark, lavender, chrysanthemum, a splash of whiskey, sweet basil essential oil and essence of pomegranate flower. Charged with a coffin nail.

You will receive one full ounce of incense in a sealed black envelope.

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