Ritualcravt Limited Edition Venus Box.

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We are excited to bring our Ritualcravt Venus Box to you this season!

This box has been carefully created by our House Witches for your Lupercalia/Valentine’s Day Rituals. The box is not exclusive to those who celebrate Lupercalia/Valentines Day, as it can be used by anyone looking to build a better connection with love and opening your heart. Share with a partner to celebrate each other or to honor your self love. Inside you will receive one 8 oz reusable tin of The Lovers tea, one 1 oz packet of To Isadore Incense, one Venus Bath in a 1 oz amber bottle and three spell candles dressed in ceremony with specific oils, herbs and intention. All of these will come in a black recyclable box.

The Lovers Tea. This blend contains herbs associated with venus, celebrates love in all forms and can be shared with someone special or enjoyed with yourself.

Ingredients: hawthorn leaf and flower, tulsi, hibiscus, schisandra berry, & rose hips.

To Isadore Incense. Our house-made To Isadore Incense is an ode to Edgar Allen Poe’s romantic works. Crafted in our apothecary for use in seduction, stimulating aphrodisiac, emotional uplift, increase in libido and bringing love your way.

Ingredients: amber resin, rose petals and other herbs, resins and essential oils.

Venus Bath. Venusian herbs and plants to connect with love in all matters. Share with a partner or romance yourself! Can also be used as a body scrub as well if you don’t have a bath tub. For 1-2 bathing rituals, depending on your preference.

Ingredients: All organic dark brown sugar, coarse sugar, dead sea salt, dendritic salt, bladderwrack seaweed, hibiscus flowers, schisandra berries, fractionated coconut oil, essential oils of rosewood, bergamot & ravensara.

Love Candle Bundle. These candles are dressed with the intention of connecting to the heart. Use the ritual candles in combination with the incense, tea and bath.


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