Ritualcravt Limited Edition Samhain Box.


We are excited to bring our Ritualcravt Samhain Box to you this season!

This box has been carefully created by our House Witches for your Samhain Rites and Rituals. It will include tools and suggestions for your rituals this year, but please alter as you see fit with your own practice. This box is not exclusive to those who celebrate Samhain, as it can be used by anyone looking to build a better connection with those on the other side of the veil.

This box is focused around a 3 Day Ancestor Veneration and includes tools to help support this veneration.

Inside you will find: one 2 oz reusable tin of Beloved Veil tea, one 1 oz packet of Spirits, Speak Incense, 3 incense charcoals, one 4×6″ black picture frame, one 5/8 dram of Ancestor Oil, one Marigold & Chrysanthemum Flower Essence in a 1 Dram amber bottle and one 8 oz soy candle dressed in ceremony with a selection of oils, herbs and intention.

All of these offerings, including a postcard of our Suggested 3-Day Ritual, will be tucked into a black recyclable box wrapped with dried florals and ribbon.

Beloved Veil Tea. Brew this tea to connect with the thinning of the veil. Drink before ancestor or divination work.

Ingredients: lemon balm, mugwort, chrysanthemum, cinnamon, allspice & star anise.

Spirits, Speak Incense. Use this incense as a tool to connect with and communicate with the spirit realm, reach out to ancestors, or in veneration of chthonic/underworld deities or entities. This incense can add potency to any work done during the thinning of the veil between worlds, as a way to invite in the energies of the other realm.

Ingredients: Resins of Myrrh and Opoponax, Benzoin Powder, Storax Bark, Rosemary, Lavender, Rose Petal, Poplar Bark, Cedar Leaf, Life Everlasting Flower. Essential Oils of Helichrysum and Oak Moss. Essence of Mugwort and Angel’s Trumpet.

Incense Charcoals. Light one of these each day leading up to the ritual for the Spirits, Speak incense.

4×6 Frame. Use this frame to add a photo of one or multiple loved ones who have passed away who you would like to honor and venerate.

Ancestor Oil.  A small glass vial full of Ancestor Oil to use on your sacred space or tools or when you’d like to communicate further with your departed loved ones. Anointing Oil only, please do not ingest.

Marigold & Chrysanthemum Flower Essence. A flower essence blend made with marigold, charged by the sunlight and chrysanthemum, charged by the Harvest Full Moon light. Marigold & Chrysanthemum are both flowers sacred to funerary rituals and death honoring rituals throughout many parts of the world. Blended together, they can help bring the same sacred energy to our words. Take this essence on your tongue, or place a few drops in your tea to help you communicate with your loved ones during your rituals.

Ingredients: Colorado spring water, brandy, essence of marigold and chrysanthemum.

Ancestor Veneration Candles. This candle is dressed to aid in connection with a loved one or loved ones on the other side. We suggest setting up a space for these spirits and using one candle each night for three consecutive nights, to connect with those in mind. Use the candle in combination with the other given tools to enhance your rituals. 40 hour burn, soy wax.


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