Ritualcravt House Made Dressed Candles.


We are excited to finally bring our very own 7-Day Dressed candles to our community, in-person and online. These candles are collaboratively formulated by Ritualcravt’s House Witches, and made for you with specific intention. Each candle is made of hand-poured 100% soy wax and carved with spells in ceremony. Then the candle is dressed with a ritually-made oil, powdered herb blend, crystals, mineral glitter, and fixed with magic. We suggest charging it yourself to add to the magic, and perhaps writing a petition for what you need and placing it beneath the candle before you light it.

Totally vegan and paraffin-free soy wax, USA  made, organic and wildcrafted herbs. Blessings!

Heart. Connect. Love. Use to open your heartspace, connect with your loving self, and call in self love or partner love.

Begin.Inspire.Create. Use in new beginning work, to inspire, and create anew.

Prosper. Receive. Flourish. Use to assist you in prosperous growth, receiving what you need, and flourishing with abundance.

Peace. Harmony. Health. Use to call in peace, amplify harmony in life, and promote health and healing.

Call. Power. Conquer. – Use to call in what you need, amplify your personal power, and conquer and master what you need in your life.

Purify. Protect. Bless. Use to purify yourself or your space, protection from evil eye or bad intent, and to bless you and yours.

Banish.Justice.Release. Use to banish that which no longer serves you, encourage justice and fairness, and release anything you no longer need.