Ritualcravt + Friends at Oracle KC. April 1st & 2nd, 2022.

Friday, April 01, 2022

Ritualcravt & Friends will be visiting Oracle KC April 1st & 2nd, 2022!

April 1st, from 11-8pm Ritualcravt will be popping up in Oracle KC’s lovely storefront alongside some of our local Denver friends:

Atropos Curios, Cult of Flowers and Justin Taylor who will be doing walk-in Tarot & Astrology readings.

No tickets necessary for the pop-up!

There will also be a couple classes offered this weekend at Oracle KC:

April 2nd, at 6:30pm Jess of Atropos Curios will be teaching “Sacred Scarabs- Regeneration and the Life- Death Cycle”

Scarabs, or dung beetles, are a beautifully potent symbol of the cycle of life and death – day and night – and this world’s continuous wheel of rebirth and regeneration. This connection is not only found in the ancient mythology of these organisms, but also in the nature of their biology and ecological relationships to other organisms. This class will begin with a brief lecture outlining many of the beautiful symbolic and biological aspects of these amazing creatures, and why we need them. In the latter half of this workshop, we will be learning how to pin and position real scarab beetles in action. You will be provided with one responsibly sourced dung beetle, a gemstone sphere (to act as their dung ball), a shadowbox frame to house the final product, and all the necessary tools. In addition, we will work together on a ritual for rebirth, or a new beginning in your life.

All supplies will be provided, just come prepared with an idea of something you would like to release from your life or your psyche, and something you would like to work toward or foster growth in… you will be sent home with kyphi incense to roll yourself and to burn and release with what you need to let go of, and seeds to plant with your new beginning. Some experience working with insect specimens is helpful, but not required. You will be guided along the process and will go home with new knowledge of how to honor the lives of these insects by preserving them in death.

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April 2nd, at 8:30pm Ritualcravt Owner, Missy Rhysing will be guiding a “Beginner Past Life Healing Meditation”

We will move backwards through time in a guided meditation to explore a previous lifetime that is affecting us in our current life today. Through exploring our previous lives, we can move towards healing, reclaiming, and releasing in our current life. We can gather new understandings of patterns and behaviors, reclaim gifts and strengths, and even end commitments made in past lives that are no longer serving us.

We will begin with a brief discussion and explanation of past life work, move into the healing meditation, and end with a bit of processing and discussion.This meditation is recommended for those new to past life regressions, or those who have only done one or two in the past.

Come with a comfortable pillow/mat to sit on, an open mind, a notebook and a writing utensil to journal after the meditation. Dress comfortably!

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