Ritual Incense Ropes. By UnitedOther. 5 Variations.


Closely – Finally expressing everything that’s been held closely in the heart but could not find the voice to say until now. We are the same heart beating, the same eyes looking, the same love lived.

Ingredients: patchouli, palo santo, oakmoss, dammar

Freely – The layers we wear, let them fall freely. One by one. Brick by brick. No need to look back. No need at all. Feel the warmth of the sun. Be here. Stay natural and loose.

Ingredients: hinoki, palo santo, copal

Nightly – Tomorrow brings new light. Everything is possible. Until then, release and let go the day. Breathe in the nightly light of the Moon. Rest in the knowing that what will be, already is.

Ingredients: cedar leaves, lavender, breuzinho

Cosmically – There is a power greater. Reach deep for it lies within. Cosmically amongst the stars. Look up. We are stardust. Remember. You are home no matter where you are, always.

Ingredients: boswellia sacra, frankincense, dammar

Truly– Listen to the voice that doesn’t use words. Take a step closer. See with crystal clarity – know truly. The seed has been planted in every heart. Without questions, share your given gifts with ease and joy.

Ingredients: palo santo, yerba santa, breuzinho

Hand dyed, hand rolled, hand crafted in small batches

Burn time: 30-40 min per rope