RELIC Tintype Pop-up Dec. 16, 2017, 12-6pm.


Join us for a pop-up with RELIC Tintype! Patrick Andrade will be setting up in Ritualcravt from 12-6 on Dec.16 and taking around 20 tintype photographs. We are so honored to host Patrick! I had the privilege of having my photo taken with my beloved familiar (shown above) and the experience with Patrick and his lovely wife was so much fun, and the tintype is exquisite. Highly recommended! -Missy

RELIC was created by photographer Patrick Andrade as he transitioned from a conflict photographer to a fine art photographer. As a photojournalist Patrick became most known for his coverage of September 11th, the subsequent war in Afghanistan and the Iraq war. He now resides in Denver and has been passionately practicing the art of wet plate collodion photography for almost two years. Fully dedicated to commission personal imagery through this 19th century process, Patrick now offers heirloom quality portraits permanently embedded on plates of aluminum (tintypes) which will last for hundreds of years. Images created through the Wet Plate process result in a timeless depth completely unique to anything otherwise captured digitally or on film.

About the Process:

This early photographic process is also known as the wet plate collodion process and was invented about 150 years ago. It is this process that documented the American Civil War and is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity today with many amateur and professional photographers.

Each photograph, or plate, is handmade and crafted with great care. Plates of aluminum (for Tintypes) or glass (for Ambrotypes) are used as a substrate. The plate is first coated with collodion which acts like a binder and contains chemistry that helps initiate sensitivity to light. It is then carefully placed in a bath of silver where it becomes light sensitive. The plate is loaded into the camera and exposed while it is still wet, hence the name “wet plate”. After the exposure is made the plate is moved back into the darkroom where developer is used to produce an image. The photograph is then dipped into a fixer, dried and then varnished with a mixture containing tree resin and lavender oil, to be preserved for generations to come.

Smalls are 3.25″ x 4.25″ — One person $59
Mediums are 4.25″ x 5.5″ — Two people $79
You may purchase your tintype choice above, and call the shop for appointment time once your purchase has been made. 303-458-1459. Please bring your purchase receipt to the event.