Putressence Hydrosols.


Inspired by Hermetic philosophy and the mysteries of life, death,
and rebirth of the plant kingdom, Putressence blooms forth to
offer alchemical wares for holistic death care and funerary
craft. As death initiates a period of liminality, engaging in
postmortem ritual allows the living and the dead to converge
in their respective rites of passage: to mourn, to transition, and
to reflect on our ephemeral nature.

Incense and aromatic plants have perfumed the living and the
dead throughout death rituals since time immemorial. Putressence revitalizes this sacred practice, blending the elements of both ancient and modern funerary customs to offer eco-friendly herbal wares for the living, the dying, and the deceased. The plant
kingdom is the perfect ally to the human experience of death:
our mortal heritage embraces the metamorphosis enacted by
death upon the body, soul, and spirit.

You may choose a 2 oz or 8oz glass bottle.


Red Cedar Hydrosol may be used for rites of consecration, purification, and protection, and as a smokeless alternative to traditional smoke cleansing when a death has occurred. As a cleansing wash for the
dead, Red Cedar offers its antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties, and subtly perfumes the body with a sweet verdant scent.

Sagebrush Hydrosol may be used for rites of cleansing and purification, and as a smokeless alternative to traditional smoke cleansing when a death has occurred. As a cleansing wash for the dead, Sagebrush offers its antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties, and subtly perfumes the body with a clean, camphorous scent.

Cypress hydrosol may be used as a smokeless alternative to traditional smoke cleansing to purify a space when a death has occurred. The fresh aroma is both soothing and grounding and offers condolence to those in mourning who have suffered a deep emotional loss.

Lavender Hydrosol may be used for rites of purification and transcendence. It is both soothing and stimulating, it clears the mind and promotes a serene relaxation ideal for meditation. Lavender evokes a sense of spiritual connection, and may assist with dream divination and spirit communication.

Tansy Hydrosol may be used for rites of purification, banishing, and protection against the miasma of death. As a cleansing wash for the deceased, Tansy’s pesticidal, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties prevent mouldering, and the grazing of worms prior to disposition. It is particularly effective in the midst of summer when the elements hasten putrefaction. Tansy Hydrosol may also be used as a fragrant insect repellent during natural burial and graveside ceremonies.

Yarrow Hydrosol offers excellent vulnerary properties and may be used for gentle wound care for the living and the dying. An amazingly versatile plant medicine, Yarrow is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, analgesic, and a wonderful astringent with its affinity for the blood. Energetically, Yarrow is emotionally calming and clarifying, it aids with finding balance in the liminal moments of death, and offers the stability needed for healing the heart after the loss of a loved one.


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Red Cedar 8oz, Red Cedar 2oz, Sagebrush 8oz, Sagebrush 2oz, Yarrow 8oz, Yarrow 2oz, Cypress 8oz, Cypress 2oz, Lavender 2oz, Tansy 2oz


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