Please Bleed! Plants & Practical Magic. By Samantha Zipporah.


This book is a detailed & thoughtful guide to herbal options for fertility management as “Plan B” in the case of an accidental sperm exposure. The information is intended to be utilized by folks who are aware of the timing of both their fertile window & the date of their next expected menses, not for use as a regular contraception method, nor means for herbal abortion. This offering provides insight into how one may ally with the wisdom & power of plants to maintain the integrity of one’s ovulation & menstrual cycle, therefore avoiding undesired pregnancy.

Please Bleed! is primarily composed of excerpts from the my robust & in depth Conscious Contraception Skill share Within its pages you’ll find:

Anatomy & physiology of the Fertility Awareness Method of Contraception

Anatomy & physiology & biochemistry of ovulation, conception & implantation

A clear distinction between herbal emmenagogues & abortifaciants

Clear definition of implantation inhibition vs. abortion

Psycho-spiritual guidance for finding your “Sacred Yes” in avoiding pregnancy

Sex positive cheerleading, sass, & wisdom from my nearly 20 years of praxis avoiding pregnancy without consuming from the medical industrial complex

Botanical illustrations by Maureen Walrath

Materia medica of a dozen strong emmenagogues, including folklore, parts used, & effects on hormonal, nerve, & tissue states

Demystification & my honest opinion of herbal abortion

Robust resource section including herbal references, sacred sexuality, & my fav fertility awareness educators

Measures approx. 5″ x  8″

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