Planetary Sigil Incense. By Rosarium Blends.


Rosarium Blends creates their own hand crafter self igniting sigil incense blends using only the finest herbs, flowers, woods, resins, and essential oil. All formulations are original recipes and are the result of extensive historical research, practical experimentation, and an in depth knowledge and understanding of esoteric herbalism.

Special astrological timing is considered in the production of these blends as in our tradition they may only be made when none of the 7 classical planets are in retrograde. This timing is auspicious and is not often therefore these blends may be limited in availability.

Rosarium Blends Planetary Incense are blended using a colored salt peter and wood base powder, powdered herbs and resins and essential oils. They may be worked with ritually as an incense, in mojo bags, to dress vigil candles or used to dress taper candles. Each blend is linked to the stars, nature, alchemy and ritual.

Sun (Ego) – Planet of primal fire, virility, true self and accomplishing goals. Giver of life, self expression and individuality. Rule of the sign of Leo.

Ingredients: Frankincense, Cinnamon, Cloves, Aloes wood, Angelica Root & Eyebright

Moon (Psychic) – Planet of manifestation, illumination, and psychic abilities. Ruler of all that is hidden, our shadow sides and the sign of Cancer.

Ingredients: Clary Sage, Myrrh, Camphor, Willow, Mugwort, Jasmine, Lotus, Peony Flower & White Sandalwood

Mars (Strength) – Planet of courage, discipline, assertion, motivation & action. Ruler of warriors, protection, defense and the sign of Aries & Scorpio.

Ingredients: Master Root, Dragon’s Blood, Mapacho, Black Pepper & Stinging Nettle

Mercury (Messenger) – Planet of communication, divination, magic & glory. Ruler of travel, commerce, the mind, intellect and the signs of Gemini & Virgo.

Ingredients: Storax, Mastic, Lily of the Valley, Cinquefoil, Caraway, Cassia, Bittersweet & Mullien

Jupiter (Expansion) – Planet of good fortune & resources, GURU. expansion of consciousness, the greater Benefic. Ruler of the sky and signs of Sagittarius & Pisces.

Ingredients: Borage, High John the Conquerer, Gem Ammoniac & White oak bark

Venus (Beauty) – Planet of love, desire, sensuality, friendship & creative energy. Ruler over engagements, pairings, unions, beauty and the signs Taurus & Libra.

Ingredients: Alkanet, Rose petals, Periwinkle, Benzoin, Lovage, Orris & Maidenhair

Saturn (Structure) – Planet of understanding boundaries, karma, ruler of agriculture, time, fate, death, judgement, and the signs of Aquarius & Capricorn.

Ingredients: Yew, Blackthorn & Storax.

Planetary self igniting incense blends may be burned by lighting incense directly in a form of a sigil or a pinched cone on a heat resistant dish. Or if desired a pinch may be added to charcoal.

To light, form a pinch or sigil using the incense powder. Ignite powder with lighter or match. Incense will immediately ignite.