‘The Flower Bed’ Flower Wreath. By Mourning Veil.


“A special Mourning Veil hairwork memento titled ‘The Flower Bed’. A tribute to Victorian Hairwork carefully bloomed from a mixture of natural human, human/synthetic mix, and horse hair blends and detailed with many genuine freshwater pearls, a symbol often used in Victorian art to represent tears.

This piece is an ode to eternal slumber, a garden bed in bloom forever, a tribute to life and a peaceful rest thereafter. It took many many hours of toiling to complete and was a labor of intense love and sentiment.

Ready to hang or prop up on your shelf.

Mind the flowers!: This is not a toy and should be handled delicately and displayed out of reach of curious hands and animals. Like most woven things, hair loops are susceptible to snag when pulled. A quick blow of breath is all that is required to dust. (They also display beautifully beneath a glass dom or shadowbox.)”


3″ x 2 3/4″

Instagram: @mourningveil

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