L’Apothicaire Travel Size Candles.

Requiem – a mass for the repose of the souls of the dead. Night Blooming jasmine rises from a bed of deep black amber & musk, while sandalwood provides a peaceful, eternal resting place.

Spellbound – Many a sailor met death at sea when entranced by the seductive songs of the sirens. Spellbinding notes of Ylang Ylang blossoms dance melodically around fiery clove leaf, submerged deep beneath the surface by sea grass and aquatic white lotus.

Graveyard Roses – Freshly turned soil and damp earth lay the base notes of this blend, while red roses, signifying eternal love, are scattered about, remembering those lost, but never forgotten. Deep forest greens surround and protect offering comfort & guidance.

Sacred – Deep, smoldering woof from the sacred palo Santo trees of Brazil  form the base of this enchanting fragrance. Coveted for its use in spiritual healing rituals, palo Santo is often referred to as a Holy Wood with magical cleansing properties.

Nevermore – Reminiscent of a candle-lit study, tattered leather books with crumbling pages, scattered atop an old oak desk, a warm cup of black tea, and a smoking pipe packed with fine tobacco.


Re-usable container.
Soy Based
Each Measures approx. 4″ wide


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