Language of the Goddess Ritual Workshop w/Karyn Crisis Nov 12, 2017, 11-12:30.

SOLD OUT. This exciting workshop will be part lecture, part hands-on ritual work. It’s designed to give you a broad understanding of a most ancient feminine practice gifted from the spirit world that existed before Paganism and is the true origin of witchery in Old Europe. This workshop will give you an introduction of how to use ancient matrilineal symbols (which have been usurped, demoted, destroyed and perverted by the patriarchy) to create your own symbolic language for ritual that’s exclusively feminine, and whose energy offers an intimate connection to the Divine Feminine. After we learn, we will put this knowledge to practical use for our own focused ritual. This introductory class workshop will give you a taste of what will later be offered as a longer course program that includes learning the disciplines of channeling and Mediumship, and working with nature as a conduit. Karyn Crisis is a spirit Medium and author of the forthcoming book, “Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women”.  All materials supplied. Tickets may be purchased online here for $20, seats are limited. Bring your ticket receipt to class.

About Karyn: Karyn Crisis is a Spirit Medium, communicating with and giving messages from the Spirit world of Guides, Goddesses, loved ones and friends. Having trained as a platform Medium under an NSAC certified Spiritualist Minister, her work with the Spirit world has become sought-after in the Bay Area in the form of: classes, workshops, private readings and public demonstrations. Her work has taken a turn towards historical recovery after the Spirit world guided her towards finding and sharing the true story of Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women. Karyn has recently returned from an second extensive research trip in Italy, where she met with 23 researchers, historians, herbalists, “Streghe”, “Nonna” healers, professors, authors, and museum directors. She is currently organizing this exciting material into a book, lectures, and guided Travel tours to Italy.