Hydrosols By Moonlit Lavender.


Locally made using high quality ingredients by our very own Ritualcravt housewitch, Mina. One of our best sellers, Moonlit Lavender’s face nectar is highly loved in the storefront. Check her out on instagram @moonllitlavender

Lavender & Cedar – Lavender hydrosol is a lovely spray to have on hand to freshen up a space including cars, clothes, hair, and more. It can also be used to lightly cleanse energetically. Lavender and cedarwood help to repel insects, they have antiseptic properties and they both can aid in relaxing the nervous system.

All Organic Ingredients: lavender hydrosol & cedar essential oil.

Rose, Cedar & Vanilla – Rose is a lovely and gentle hydrosol to use on the face to freshen and nourish. Mina also loves to use rose hydrosol in her space to aid in raising her vibration. There is a very small amount of cedarwood essential oil and vanilla co2, both of which can be helpful in reducing anxiety.

All Organic Ingredients: rose hydrosol, vanilla co2, vitamin E, cedar essential oil.