Handsome Devils Puppets Show. June 1st, 2018, 7:30pm, doors at 7.

Ritualcravt is honored to host Handsome Devils Puppets for a one night special event at our storefront!

Puppets are infinite. If you know love, they do. If you know sadness, they do. If you breathe, they do. You give them steps and they make them strange. They are sometimes silly, sometimes serious, always honest little vessels. I started making puppets when I felt I didn’t have a voice. I sculpted powerful, magical creatures to dance and sing and cry and give me that voice. When I feared death, they showed me it could be beautiful. When I feared life, they showed me it could be weird and wonderful. The Handsome Devils are each hand-sculpted, piece by piece, and decorated in everything from remnants from the bottom of granny’s jewelry box to bones from a field in my hometown.
“The terrors of living, the joys and the revel, alive in your misfit, misguided young devil.”

Into Glow, Out of Gloom: Join us for a puppet show featuring 4 vignettes of various folktales, ballads, or original songs that Han has found strength in over time, and has chosen to use puppets to pass them along to others. Han’s puppet shows are a stripped down, always honest (usually tearful) exploration of the power of your person and of course the power of puppets to help you find that. About 6 years ago Han started making puppets when she realized she had a pressing need to take what frightened or haunted her and turn it in to something beautiful that she could control, and to take the small beauties and great joys in her life and share them with others. “I will not hide behind a curtain, camouflage myself into the background or commit to any illusion, I am just another very terrified, very real human doing what makes me indescribably full for a room of people willing to still find magic in it all.”

Doors will open at 7pm and the show will begin at 7:30, show generally runs 30-45 minutes. Han will perform her most-loved pieces (previously performed at RC) as well as two new pieces!  We will plan for about 30 people, there will be chairs for 16 but the intimacy of Han’s shows often lead to viewers pulling up on the floor and pulling in close. This show will be first arrived, first served; but we will let in as many as we can comfortably fit! This show will be by donation ($10-15 suggested), and wine will be served. No tickets necessary.

www.handsomedevilspuppets.com @handsomedevilspuppets