Hand Forged Poison Herb Cutting Knife.


Hand forged hedge witch herb cutter for the hedge witch working with the hexing herbs, it is quenched in aconite, henbane, belladonna and rhododendron infused oil. We work with the alchemical philosophy that the properties of that which steel is quenched in takes on the qualities of said quenchant, the oil does not remain on the steel.

This is made from mild steel and not hardenable high carbon steel, for decorative, ritual use, and for use with soft non woody herbs. You must keep oiled to prevent rust, using non toxic food safe oils. Apply oil after washing immediately.

Hand forged by Troll Cunning Forge. Troll Cunning Forge is a Blacksmithing forge working from the principles of traditional blackmsithing lore, folk magic and real alchemy. Marcus McCoy is a trained alchemist working under the tutelage of Master alchemist Robert Bartlett. Troll cunning forge is focused on creating magical talismans working with traditional and innovative methods. We specialize in the philosophical quenching process. Highly loved in the Ritualcravt storefront.

Measures approx. 5.25″ x 4.5″

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