Hand Forged Candle Scribe. By Troll Cunning Forge.


Candle scribe, stabbing, carving, this goat candle scribe is forged with a counter vein twist and linseed oil blackened.
We work with the philosophy of folk magic and alchemy in our blacksmithing of iron talismans, by in the quench lends its virtues to the iron when hot and fixes them within the iron philosophically as the quench crystallizes and takes the hot iron from being mutable to fixed. These are practices being rekindled by troll cunning forge.

Troll Cunning Forge is a Blacksmithing forge working from the principles of traditional blackmsithing lore, folk magic and real alchemy. Marcus McCoy is a trained alchemist working under the tutelage of Master alchemist Robert Bartlett. Troll cunning forge is focused on creating magical talismans working with traditional and innovative methods. We specialize in the philosophical quenching process.

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