Hand-Embroidered Spirit Traps. The Cult of Flowers.

In my magical tradition {and in the folk arts of the Nordic peoples}, spirit traps are used to entangle spirits trying to enter a space or around a person. You will historically see grid patterns of many kinds {called marespjäll} embroidered and painted as a means of confusing and occupying spirits with a negative influence and therefore trapping them so they do not disrupt your space or your person.

My intention when weaving these is that you place them near windows or doors, in your work space, or over your bed to assist with disruptive spirits. I recommend stating your intention loudly when you hang them, especially vocalizing that these are to occupy and trap spirits with a negative influence only. If over time your trap begins to look “dirty” – meaning you can see or feel that it has spirits caught up in it, take it outside and tell them to leave. Replace the trap and state your purpose once again.

Please note that while using these grid patterns is not exclusive to me, these are my creations mindfully crafted and developed with knowledge passed down in my lineage from my mentor. Much mindwork and spellcraft has been put into these weavings. Please do not replicate.

Undyed linen and natural fibers on a 3″ bamboo hoop. You will receive the exact Spirit Trap pictured alongside the corresponding number that you choose.

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