Folk Herbalist: Traditional Practice, Plant Folklore, Kitchen Medicine, & Community Herbalism. 63 Chapters by 39 Plant Healer Authors.


On the heels of volumes covering practitioner skills and medicinal plant profiles, we bring to you a compilation of writings enlivening the many aspects of Folk Herbalism – from profiling traditional practices around the world, to humble but effective kitchen herbalism, self empowered practice and serving the community, planting your roots and personally blossoming!Humanity across the globe has always made use of botanical medicines. While not a comprehensive representation of every country or culture’s healing traditions, Folk Herbalist chapters shine a light on the great panoply of regional practices and the sensibilities, mythologies and tales that bring their herbs’ uses, spirits and magic to life for us.Each chapter appears as it did in the esteemed periodical Plant Healer Quarterly, lavishly illustrated with instructive photos and inspiring artwork in black and white in the softbound copy, and vibrant color in the Ebook version. Thirty-nine different herbalist authors share here not only their knowledge, experience, and perspectives, but also their excitement and passion for these subjects and the amazing plants themselves. Together they tell the stories of these herbs, from their historic and folkloric roots to the ways in which the continue to connect us and inform and propel our work.

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