Florida Water. By Salt & Memory. 2 Sizes.


Florida Water made by Chris of Salt & Memory.

“Salt & Memory products are handmade by Chris, using traditional methods, natural oils, botanical scents and in some cases magical curios.

To Use: Cleanse, clear, bless, protect, encourage healing and growth. Use in rooms, on the person and on any sacred objects you choose.

Ingredients: grain alcohol, *rose petals, *lemon balm, *peppermint, cinnamon, cardamon, allspice, orange peel, bay leaves, lavender flower, *angelica root, *angelica hydrosol, *orange hydrosol, *rose hydrosol.

* grown/made locally.”

You may choose a 2oz spray bottle or a 4oz spray bottle.

Highly loved offering at the Ritualcravt storefront.