Firme Arte Fixed Candles.


“Our mano made UNSCENTED crystal companion candles contain real botanicals, spell oils and minerals that correspond with a variety of mystical purposes. We combination of color, herb, number, music, and crystal magick to craft each one with love and real magical intent. Crafted in small batches during ritual.

Infused with a small crystal companion that can be carefully removed after your candle has burned down and used as a totem to represent the spell work you have completed.


You will receive one 8 oz candle in a reusable glass jar decorated with original artwork & incantation by Firme Arte”

Como La Flor – Concocted with a blend of herbs and a real universal crystal point to draw in the energies of love. Use when needing to attract things in your life. Love magick isn’t defined only by romantic love but can be translated into self love, the love for life or even to draw in the love of a family unit.

Cumbia De Los Muertos – Concocted to  to honor the sacred energy of our ancestors. Each one is infused with a botanical oil blend that was ritually crafted to create space for the spirits that watch over us through this life journey. We use a blend of herbs that has been programmed for deep rooted ancestor work and celebration. As the veil thins the collective energy on the planet heightens and their energies are allowed to roam this plane with ease.

Damn the Man – For centuries we have been spiritually & physically held back by systematic forces that absolutely do not have our best interests at heart. The deep rooted feelings, traumas & set backs that colonialism, capitalism and religious structures have embedded in us are all parts of the ancestral traumas we must heal from while on this planet. This candle contains elements traditionally used in magical workings centered around keeping the law or “The Man” away, along with botanicals & crystals that aid in social / systematic healing.

Fuck Outta Here – Concocted with a beautiful blend of traditional elements & ingredients that have been used for centuries in Mexican folk magic when performing a limpia or ritualistic cleanse of the spirit. Use to remove unwanted stale, stagnant or negative energies from self and space.

Gender Bender – The imagery represented on this candle is meant to embody the energy of comfort & home that one feels when finding acceptance within themselves. This candle celebrates the cosmic creative energy that radiates from a balance of masculine & feminine forces. A harmonic balance of these two forces of energy creates a safe space for the self to unapologetically exist in love, truth and in personal & cultural evolution.

Gimme Dat Money – Our gimme dat money formula is concocted as a powerful magnet for drawing in the energies of money. success and payment.Programmed to be a powerful magnet for the manifestation of your physical goals & desires. Excellent for client based work & drawing in business. Use to amplify the vibrations of prosperity.

Hella Sensitive – As sensitive/empathic human beings on this planet we often pick up the stress, anger or sadness of others very easily causing us a great deal of anxiety, This candle calls upon botanical magic to cleanse, clear and calm the space you have created. Use when needing to create a barrier of protection from energy bloodsuckers / vampires.

Hey Beautiful – Concocted with a gorgeous blend of elements crafted to inspire deep rooted confidence & to open up the channels of emotional healing & the ability to truly see the beauties within oneself. Instilled with the vibrations of the removal of toxic social constructs & mental programming that hold us back.
Alchemically enhanced to remind you that despite the fuckboy narrative that exists in this realm you are one bad ass babe with so much to offer the collective human experience.

Mama Muerte – Mama Muerte watches over the weirdos, the queers, the unconventional, and the gender gradient humans of this world. This is an all purpose devotional ritual candle dedicated to the powerful vibrational force that radiates from this babe, and her beauty. Sacred Hopi tobacco and the energies of the earth are infused as offerings and as a way to protect and shield us from the fuckery of the outside world.

Most Triumphant – This formula amplifies the energies of success, creativity and prosperity. It is used to conquer creative conquests and endeavors corresponding with leveling up socially, financially and emotionally. Use to inspire courage & ambition while triumphing righteously over one’s goals.

Mystic Mamas – The ancestral elements in this candle allow space for safe exploration into the deep mind and the connection to our guides in other realms, creating a vibration that allows the accessing of ancient data. Allowing us to find center within any space we create where divination or quest work is being held, making this a perfect companion for tarot or oracle workings.

Trust No Bitch – This candle is a powerhouse of protection elements all combined to keep your psychic shield at it’s strongest. In this life we unfortunately have to deal with energetic vampires / bloodsuckers or entities that want to steal our shine & vibration, DO NOT allow these forces to interfere with your self work. The ancient botanical allies used in this candle are traditionally used in reversal magick and can be used to send back any ill will to it’s original sender.