F*ck, I Can’t Sleep. By Caitlin Peterson.


Let go of the sh*t that’s keeping you awake!

What worries are lumps under your pillow? Smooth them all away with Caitlin Peterson’s F*ck, I Can’t Sleep! Each page of this journal is a sweary sleep rescue with soothing-as-f*ck prompts to help you unload your thoughts and relax your racing mind. Whether you typically spend your nights staring at the f*cking ceiling or jolting awake for no damn reason, you can find peace, release, and finally a little shut-eye through Zen-like profanities.

-Write until your mind calms the f*ck down
-Put your frustrations to bed with more than 120 pages of prompts
-Get the rest and relaxation you need and deserve

128 pages.

Measures approx. 5″ x 7″

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