Eye of the Storm Witch Bottle. By Curioscape Designs.


New witch bottles available very soon: Eye of the Storm. The eye of a storm is a moment of calm in the midst of a powerful storm. These are ideal to keep in your space and on your person during times of turbulence and difficulty. They are filled with plant, mineral, and (ethically sourced) animal spirits to assist us with inner strength, protection, and tranquility.

Lavender, to ease tension and calm the mind, nettle and yarrow to fill one with courage and repel negativity. These plants, along with several others, are powerful supports during uneasy times.

Each bottle also contains a honey bee (passed from natural death and collected from a local organic beehive) clinging to a stem of lavender. As eusocial animals, bees can be a reminder to us to tap into our community supports and work together to persevere through challenging times. I know that may seem difficult right now, but there is so much support I have seen pop up lately, even just on social media. We can find resources and community members actively looking to help where they can while still practicing social distancing. Be safe and stay healthy, but we don’t have to do this alone ?

Each bottle has been sealed with a spoken spell, lavender smoke, white wax, sparkly lepidolite dust, and a single pearl. Pearls, to me, are a powerful symbol of strength, resilience, patience, and beauty coming out of challenges. Pearls are created from a small irritant in the tissue of a mollusk. The pearl itself is composed of several layers of nacre, a substance secreted as a defense mechanism. Over years these layers build and create a beautiful pearl… When we are in times of difficulty, and emotional turmoil, we may build up layers of protection in our own psyche, to put distance between ourselves and the difficulties we are facing. But over time, we can do work to begin to heal, to recover, and may come out of that time with more strength, a greater understanding of ourselves, and a new perspective with which to face future challenges.

I hope these bottles may offer some support during these days which for many of us are filled with uncertainty.

You can see more of her work on instagram @curioscapedesigns, or in the Ritualcravt storefront. We are so pleased to be able to bring these to our online clientele!

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