Earth Is Holding You. By Pixie Lighthorse & Flora Bowley.


Earth Is Holding You is an all-ages illustrated book by author Pixie Lighthorse and painter Flora Bowley. This lovely, free-flowing book offers gentle guidance to develop our relationship with the earth in order to help us handle the big feelings that arise as we live life and pursue our dreams. It is about holding on to inspiration, allowing feelings to move through us, facing our fears, persevering through hardship, learning to trust, and valuing our creativity and wellness. With dozens of colorful, dreamlike paintings adding to the magic of the poetic text, this is a timeless book that will delight readers of all ages.
-Earth’s rivers, animals, plants and minerals demonstrate support for young readers.
-Complex concepts dealing with emotions are made easy to help children self-regulate through their interaction with nature.
-Connection to nature is illustrated in Flora Bowley’s intuitive style, showing examples of the peace and calm that can be found in quiet places.
-Energizing, inspiring and motivating, the rhythmic prose offers calls to action that finds readers jumping up to experience the joys of feeling all there is to feel in the human experience.
-Adults and children alike are invited to sink into the pages while feeling cradled and held by Earth and art.
-Promotes deep experience, contemplation and care for the environment, such as noticing the resonance between the weather and our emotions and paying attention to the activities of plants and animals.
-Introduces even young readers to the concept of emotional self-regulation and natural self-calming gestures.
-Combines the supportive language and elements of Lighthorse’s previous books on prayer and self-healing with the exquisite palette and linework of Flora Bowley’s intuitive painting process teachings and books, making terms and concepts accessible.

64 Pages

Measures approx. 8.25″ x 8.25″

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