Divination Dolls.


A manifestation from blood memory, Divination Dolls deepen the ancestral connection between founder + artist, Dustin Washington, to the Kongo people. Crafted intentionally by hand utilizing salvaged textile waste and found objects, each individualized doll is one-of-a kind work containing specific guidance via message, meaning, and symbolism. For use as spirit vessels, protective talismans, & divination tools!

Sewn by Jessica Rowell and Hand Painted by Dustin Washington

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1 Mergence – For integrating work, balance, and alignment. Measures approx. 19″ x 4″

2 Oracle – For insight, clarity, and strengthening clairvoyance. Measures approx. 19.5″ x 4″

3 Scarab – For transformation, manifestation, and creation. Measures approx. 14″ x 3.5″

4 Crescent – For changing seasons, endings, beginnings and rebirth. Measures approx. 15″ x 4″

5 Canina – For expansive love, gentleness, and companionship. Measures approx. 16.5″ x 5″

6 Thousand Eyes- For discernment, perspective, and sharpness. Measures approx. 15″ x 4″