Chakra Perfume Oils. By Species by the Thousands. 7 Variations.

Root Chakra – An earthy scent of vetiver, dark patchouli and black spruce with top notes of palo santo.

Sacral Chakra – A seductive scent of sandalwood with hints of ylang ylang and neroli.

Solar Plexus Chakra -Deep and warm scent of vetiver, clove and sweet orange.

Heart Chakra – Soft floral scent of ylang ylang and rose with base notes of warm cedar.

Throat Chakra – An energizing scent of eucalyptus, lemon and lime.

Third Eye Chakra – A euphoric scent of clary sage and lavender with a hint of citrus.

Crown Chakra – A fresh green floral blend of geranium and neroli with balsamic base notes of frankincense.

Packaging Information: .33 oz roll–on oil in a clear glass vial.

Made with essential oils and absolute & coconut oil base.

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