Butterflies & Bugs, Entomology with Oracle KC, June 8th, 2018, 11-12:30pm.


Oracle KC (www.oraclekc.com) is coming to Ritualcravt to teach a one of a kind class on Entomology at Ritualcravt! This special event is limited to 8 seats only. You may register here and bring your receipt to class with you. All materials will be provided.
Oracle is a natural science store in Kansas City, MO, featuring locally made framed insects, bones, unusual taxidermy, memento mori pieces, and the occult. We strive to create a fascination for the sciences and a passion for the old strange ways of the natural world. Though we are a taxidermy shop we heavily focus on the ethical acquisition of our products. Being animal lovers, we believe that nothing leaves us after death and we are here to honor the animals above all.
Oracle is coming to Ritualcravt to teach exactly that in our Victorian-esque inspired Entomology class. Here you will learn how to spread and preserve a butterfly, beetle, and spider; a common practice during the Victorian and Age of Discovery eras as a way to bring the natural world indoors and back in their lives in time of industrialization. After this class there will also be a free half hour demo on how to process and preserve bones for anyone who would like to attend!
Butterflies & Bugs 11-12:30pm, June 8th
Max 8 people
$190 each.
Your instructor: Alessandra Dzuba spent most of her childhood days dreaming up animal monsters, pretending to be a mad scientist, and catching and growing butterflies in the city parks of Montreal. Today, she’s still dreaming and drawing monsters, but with a BFA in printmaking and psychology, we’re pretty sure she isn’t mad. A nomad at heart, she spends her days in Oracle, while the rest of her time is split between gallery shows, being a nerd, and taking care of her two tarantulas, cats, and mantis. At Oracle, she specializes in bone and insect preservation, articulating skeletons, and offering pet preservation and memorials. Her work is heavily derived in rituals and the deeper psychology of our animal minds. See more of her work at www.alessandradzuba.com

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