Black Earth Botanica Incense. 8 Variations.


A house favourite, Black Earth Botanica Incense is handcrafted and made ethically. Our storefront clients love this incense as it is never an irritant and burns with little smoke yet smells incredible.

10 sticks of planetary herbal incense. Dipped with hand harvested plant tinctures and pure essential oil. No artificial fragrance or dyes, ever.

Fire – Black pepper, ylang ylang, cardamom, spice

Earth – Birch, pine, fir, cepes, patchouli, cedar

Water – Seashell, neroli, petitgrain, mugwort

Air – Palo santo, peppermint, sage, lavender

Moon – Mugwort, ylang ylang, jasmine, myrrh

Sun – Lemon, tangerine, cinnamon, juniper, rosemary

Venus – Rose geranium, ylang ylang, cardamom, patchouli

Samhain – Patchouli, Absinthe, black licorice, orange candy, spice, cacao