Beeswax Skull Candle. By Madame Pamita.


“Skull candles can be used for working on someone’s thoughts, creating mental clarity or inspiration or working with spirits or ancestors.

When you want to work with the mind or work in the spirit world a skull shaped candle is the perfect tool. These beeswax skulls are the Cadillac of candles – made with 100% beeswax with no fragrance added.

Choose the color that is appropriate to the work that you are doing.  For example, select a red candle for love; black for confusion, banishing or control; blue for tranquility and healing; purple for mastery and power; green for prosperity or work; orange for new ventures and opportunities; yellow for success, fame and happiness; pink for friendship and romance; white for blessings, clarity or any other purpose.”

2.5″ tall
100% Beeswax
Fragrance Free